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Biovista and the CFIDS Association of America Achieve Drug Repositioning Milestone with Pre-IND Meeting

May 29, 2013

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia and CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Biovista and the CFIDS Association of America announced today the successful
completion of the first phase of their collaboration. Funded as part of the CFIDS’
Research Institute Without Walls, Biovista identified candidate treatments for CFS using
its state-of-the-art COSS approach. Two candidate treatments, including a combination
therapy, were identified and are being prepared for proof-of-concept clinical trials, with
an FDA pre-IND meeting scheduled in Q3 2013.

“We are very excited to have reached this stage within a year of starting our
collaboration. We look forward to furthering our understanding of this complex disease and
developing a treatment that will improve CFS patients’ quality of life,” said Dr. Andreas
Persidis, Biovista’s CEO. “Our work is an example of things to come in terms of novel
collaboration models that promise to accelerate treatment development and, through the
drug repositioning approach, do so cost effectively,” Dr Persidis added.

“There is a big gap in the pipeline that moves basic laboratory research into safe and
effective treatments. Without a bridge to bring discoveries to the clinic, laboratory
research rarely becomes more than a paper. We are providing the means for basic
researchers to move discoveries through the translational research pipeline with our
Research Institute Without Walls,” said Kim McCleary, president and CEO of CFIDS.

“Therapies for ME/CFS are an unmet medical need. This is largely due to the lack of
translating the scientific knowledge into meaningful impact for patients,” added Dr.
Suzanne D. Vernon, Scientific Director of CFIDS. “We understand the ME/CFS knowledgebase
and know how to fill this gap. Biovista recognized the opportunity for discovery. This
drug repositioning project is an excellent example of effective use of existing
information to make a new treatment discovery.”

About Biovista

Biovista finds novel uses for existing drugs and profiles their side effects using
mechanism of action analysis. Biovista develops its own pipeline in CNS, oncology,
auto-immune and rare diseases and collaborates with biopharmaceutical companies and
Patient Groups on indication expansion, portfolio de-risking, and adverse event
prediction. (http://www.biovista.com).


The CFIDS Association of America is at the leading edge of ME/CFS research. For more
information [http://www.research1st.com/?page_id=9129&preview=true ], please visit The
Association’s web site at http://www.cfids.org [\\lonpivdocs\..\..\..\..\Leigh
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Files\Content.Outlook\PPN5IK6Z\www.cfids.org ] or their research blog at
http://www.Research1st.org [\\lonpivdocs\..\..\..\..\Leigh
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Files\Content.Outlook\PPN5IK6Z\www.Research1st.org ]

        Dr. Andreas Persidis
        T: +1-434-242-6514
        The CFIDS Association of America
        Dr. Suzanne D. Vernon

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