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Who Was Your Doggy? Ground-breaking DNA Test now Discovers Every Breed in Deceased Dogs

June 6, 2013

DNA My Dog launches a new Breed Determination Test for Deceased Dogs

TORONTO, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – DNA testing for breed determination in
dogs has flourished over the past few years. For the owners of “mystery
mutts,” the opportunity to discover every breed that exists in their
dogs has opened new windows into the health and personality of
mixed-breed dogs. For those who have lost their canine companions, this
advance often did not come soon enough. Until now.

In response to the growing demand to learn the breeds of dogs after they
have died, DNA My Dog, in partnership with the Paleo DNA Laboratory at
Lakehead University, has launched the first Dog Breed DNA tests
available for deceased dogs.

This test extracts DNA from old toys, food bowls, blankets or other
objects with which the dog has had oral contact and which are still in
the owner’s possession. This scientific advance allows people to learn
more about the dog they loved long after he or she is gone.

Benefits of Dog DNA testing

Learning the precise breed mix of their dogs lets owners be more
proactive with the dog’s health and welfare. Even those who have
already lost beloved dogs can use this information to great advantage
when they make their next choice. No pet can be replaced. But the
personality traits of specific breeds go a long way in helping people
make the very important decision as to which dog will make an ideal
companion in the years ahead.

About DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog is a Canine DNA testing company who began breed testing as
part of an overall canine rescue fundraising initiative. To date they
have raised over $100,000 for Canine Rescues and Shelters across North
America and continue to work with animal welfare organizations
internationally. A leader in Canine DNA testing, DNA My Dog offers a
simple and affordable at-home cheek swab test that will determine very
breed in a mixed breed dog, by percentage.

DNA My Dog’s test provides owners of mystery mutts the opportunity to be
more proactive about the health concerns and training of their dog.
Equally as important it also helps many answer the common question:
“What kind of dog is that”?



Video with caption: “Who’s your Doggy? Discover Every Breed in your Dog with a DNA My Dog test.”. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wynrWq3T_yA

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