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Energy House Digital Takes Allergy Education Online

June 11, 2013

LONDON, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Leading web agency Energy House Digital has designed the new Allergy Academy website
with easy usability in mind, providing access to the programme of events and courses, as
well as multi-media resources on the topic of allergy care. allergyacademy.org invites
healthcare professionals dealing with allergy sufferers, as well as allergy patients
themselves, to explore its new web-based resource bank and information hub.

The aim of allergyacademy.org is to enable allergy practitioners and sufferers to
access the vast range of programmes of the Allergy Academy. No better place for an
information hub than an easily, continually accessible website! London web agency Energy
House Digital jumped at the task and created a modern, colourful website that acts as the
Allergy Academy’s online resource bank and events programme.

“The Allergy Academy wanted to provide access to its range of services from the web”,
says Clinton Gomer, Director, Energy House Digital. “The new website allergyacademy.org
focuses on their programme of continually offered classes and courses and includes
information and links.”

While focused on the listing of practical courses, the website allows catching up with
missed events by providing a large number of webcasts. allergyacademy.org also acts as an
online-based resource bank with a comprehensive collection of multi-media material,
categorized by topic for ease of access. A “News” section keeps the users up-to-date with
relevant publications, links to clinical resources, and recent features in the media
dealing with allergy-related topics.

Created with the user experience firmly in mind, the website boasts a fresh, modern
design and has been developed using the latest technology so that the site can not only be
accessed from all browsers and mobile devices, but can also be frequently and easily
updated by the Allergy Academy staff themselves. The new website presents rich online
content that is easy to access at all times – and can be shared or linked to. Each page
provides detailed information on upcoming events and contact details to the Allergy

“Our commitment is to provide education of the highest quality, practically focused,
tailored to the differing needs of those who want it, and accessible to everyone”,
summarizes Dr Adam Fox, Director, Allergy Academy. “Our new website allergyacademy.org now
brings our services and programmes directly into the homes and offices of those dealing
with allergy care.”


Energy House Digital (eHd) is a full service web design agency that specializes in
delivering customisable web solutions to the healthcare and service sectors. As one of the
leading web design agencies in London, eHd is committed to developing key digital
solutions that benefit organisations and institutions with innovative web application and
intuitive design.

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