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Magicool Plus® pioneering medical sprays now available on NHS Prescription and OTC

June 13, 2013

LONDON, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Magicool Plus(R) range of OTC topical, Class IIa sprays were recently listed in the
NHS Drug Tariff part IX, under a specially created category and is available on
prescription and OTC. The range comprises Magicool Plus(R) Prickly Heat, Magicool Plus(R)
Itchy Skin due to Summer Ailments and Magicool Plus(R) Sunburn, for treating mild to
severe forms of the respective conditions.

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Magicool Plus range of pioneering medical sprays, are free from steroids and
anti-histamines and are the very first and only sprays to be listed in the NHS for the
instant treatment of Prickly Heat, Itchy Skin due to Summer Ailments and Sunburn, in
adults, children, infants from birth, pregnant women and those intolerant to the side
effects of traditional treatment.

The above next-generation, patented sprays are clinically proven to work instantly and
to achieve long lasting effect. Its unique “Instant T-CNS Signalling System”(TM) delivery
technology allows a number of stimuli e.g. chemical, thermal and mechanical to be applied
topically and simultaneously on the affected areas achieving greater efficacy than when
applying each stimulus in turn. Such stimuli acting collectively are a powerful
therapeutic tool, as millions of signals are communicated to the CNS via neurotransmitters
which instantly trigger the effective treatment of the condition.

This proprietary “Instant T-CNS Signalling System”(TM) delivery technology, protected
by 26 granted patents worldwide, comprises an advanced transcutaneous to CNS instant
signalling system, functioning across the nano/microparticle spectrum. The optimum
therapeutic particle size (mechanical energy), formulation (chemical energy) and measured
cooling (thermal energy) are engineered to achieve maximum therapeutic efficacy for
various indications, creating a family of sprays for a number of medical conditions e.g.
in Dermatology, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Gynaecology and Ophthalmology.

The NHS listing process entailed thorough evaluation by the NHS Prescription Services
of the efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness of the Magicool Plus range when compared
with traditional treatment in clinical trial studies.

FranceMed Pharma is a privately owned British company, established since 1981 and
active in OTC Research, Development, Manufacturing and Global Marketing. Its OTC product
range is available mainly in UK supermarkets and chemists. This range is being enriched by
a significant portfolio of pioneering, clinically proven OTC products due to leave the
pipeline shortly.





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