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Association of Independent Doctors (AID) Announces Its Formation

June 13, 2013

WINTER PARK, Fla. and WASHINGTON, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Association of Independent Doctors (AID) has announced its formation. AID is a national trade association established to serve the interests of independent doctors.

In every industry, competition is an important check against higher prices, diminished quality, and loss of consumer choice. Independent doctors have a critical role in our nation’s ability to sustain affordable and high quality care, preserve patient choice, create jobs, impact the economy, and maintain a competitive marketplace. Most independent doctor practices are small businesses. In total, small businesses create about 65% of the nation’s net new jobs.[1]

In this regard, the trends are not encouraging. According to a leading firm, the number of independent doctors as a percentage of total doctors has declined from 57% in 2000, to a projected 36% in 2013.[2] More than 100,000 independent doctors have exited the practice or become hospital-employed.[3] This may be the steepest decline for small business, in any American industry. Such a market dysfunction is all the more concerning since health care already comprises about 18% of the GDP.[4]

This dynamic has coincided with another unfortunate trend: During the past 10 years, health care costs per family of four, have more than doubled, and in 2012 exceeded $20,000 per year for the first time.[5]

AID seeks to reverse these trends, by pursuing education and advocacy to ensure the survival of small business and the preservation of competition in the health care sector.

“It is critical for patient quality of care, and for affordability of care, that independent doctors remain a vibrant part of the health care landscape,” said Tommy Thomas, co-founder of AID. “Patients must have choices among health care providers, as well as information that can help them to better understand their pricing and health care options. In this era of ever-increasing health care costs, we look forward to informing stakeholders about the importance of maintaining a competitive landscape, which would inure to the benefit of all Americans.”

Additional co-founders of AID are Carol Zurcher, C.P.A., of Thomas, Zurcher & White, P.A.; and David L. Schick, Esq. Gorshein Strategies, LLC is leading AID’s Washington, DC advocacy efforts.

About Association of Independent Doctors (AID)
The Association of Independent Doctors (AID) is a national trade association established to further the interests of independent doctors. AID was formed to educate patients, local businesses, legislators and regulators about the importance of independent doctors with regard to quality and cost of health care, patient choice, jobs, and the economy. More information about AID is available at: www.aid-us.org. AID is a 501(c)(6) entity.

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