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Apollo Medical Holdings Reports Strong Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Results

June 14, 2013

Net Revenues Climb 53% to $2.45 Million Compared to $1.63 Million for Same Three Month Reporting Period in Prior Fiscal Year

GLENDALE, Calif., June 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. (“ApolloMed”) (OTCQB: AMEH), an integrated physician-driven healthcare delivery company that puts ‘Patients First,’ today announced its fiscal 2014 first quarter results for the three months ended April 30, 2013.

Financial Highlights for Three Months Ended April 30, 2013 Compared to Three Months Ended April 30, 2012:

  • Net revenues rose 53%, increasing to $2.45 million from $1.63 million. The increase was largely attributable to new hospital contracts, increased same-market area growth and expansion of services with existing medical group clients at new hospitals.
  • Gross profit margin improved to 24% from 19%.
  • Loss from operations increased to $711,972 compared to loss from operations of $53,153, due largely to an increase in costs relating to stock-based compensation totaling $519,092, coupled with increased spending associated with strategic growth initiatives relating to ApolloMed ACO and its new business unit, Maverick Medical Group.
  • Non-GAAP* Adjusted EBITDA loss totaled $82,094 compared to EBITDA of $55,772.

As of April 30, 2013, ApolloMed had $1.58 million in cash and cash equivalents, $1.32 million in accounts receivable and total stockholders’ deficit of approximately $935,000. For the first three months of fiscal 2014, the Company’s operating activities provided $12,972 in net cash, which compared to $131,160 in net cash used in operations in the same three months ended April 30, 2012.

ApolloMed CEO Warren Hosseinion, M.D. stated, “Our strong revenue growth in the first fiscal quarter points to the success we continue to achieve in executing our growth strategies and tactical expansion initiatives – all of which are centered on establishing ApolloMed as a top-tier performing integrated healthcare company in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.”

Continuing, he added, “With Accountable Care Organizations expected to play a significant role in reshaping how care is delivered in this country, ApolloMed ACO is hard at work developing innovative, coordinated care models that best leverage our noted hospitalist experience and expertise and the strength and depth of our newly launched Independent Physician Association, Maverick Medical Group. We believe fiscal 2014 will indeed prove to be a banner year for ApolloMed and based on our performance, thus far, we’re off to a very good start.”

For more details on ApolloMed’s fiscal 2014 first quarter results, please refer to the Company’s 10-Q filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and accessible at www.sec.gov.


                              APOLLO MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.


                                                                                   April 30,  2013                          January 31, 2013
                                                                                   ---------------                          ----------------


                Cash and cash
                equivalents                                      $1,575,500                                     $1,176,727

                Accounts receivable,
                net                                               1,320,087                                      1,582,505

               Due from affiliates                                        -                                          5,648

               Prepaid expenses                                      85,200                                         72,628

                Deferred financing
                costs, current                                       67,113                                         34,614

                     Total current assets                         3,047,900                                      2,872,122

                Deferred financing
                costs, non-current                                  211,375                                        218,640

                Property and
                equipment, net                                       64,689                                         68,142

               Goodwill                                              33,200                                         33,200

               Other assets                                          30,981                                         30,981

    TOTAL ASSETS                                                                                   $3,388,145                                $3,223,085
                                                                                                   ==========                                ==========

                                             LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' DEFICIT


                Accounts payable and
                accrued liabilities                                $863,782                                       $950,651

                 Notes payable                                      594,745                                        594,765

                 Stock issuable                                     828,709                                        159,334

                   Total current
                    liabilities                                   2,287,236                                      1,704,750

                 Convertible notes
                  payable, net                                    2,035,828                                      1,909,714

                   Total liabilities                              4,323,064                                      3,614,464


                Preferred stock, par
                value $0.001 ;

                authorized; none
                issued                                                    -                                              -

                Common Stock, par
                value $0.001;

                issued and

                as of April 30, 2013
                and January 31, 2013,
                respectively                                         34,844                                         34,844

               Prepaid consulting                                  (554,050)                                      (616,014)

                Additional paid-in-
                capital                                          11,489,102                                     11,248,566

               Accumulated deficit                             (11,871,387)                                   (11,022,272)

                     Total                                         (901,491)                                      (354,876)

                interest                                            (33,428)                                       (36,503)

                    Total stockholders'
                     deficit                                       (934,919)                                      (391,379)

               TOTAL LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS' DEFICIT                                         $3,388,145                                $3,223,085

                                                   APOLLO MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.
                                          CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS

                                                  Three months ended April 30,

                                                                                2013            2012
                                                                                ----            ----

     NET REVENUES                                                         $2,446,566      $1,631,844

     COST OF SERVICES                                                      1,860,493       1,328,659
                                                                           ---------       ---------

     GROSS PROFIT                                                            586,073         303,185

     Operating expenses:

          General and administrative                                       1,291,393         351,547

          Depreciation                                                         6,652           4,791

     Total operating expenses                                              1,298,045         356,338
                                                                           ---------         -------

     LOSS FROM OPERATIONS                                                   (711,972)        (53,153)

     Other income (expense)

         Gain on change in fair value of
          derivative liabilities                                                   -         123,838

          Interest expense                                                  (127,493)       (224,036)

         Other expense                                                          (246)             (5)

     Total other expenses                                                   (127,739)       (100,203)
                                                                            --------        --------

     LOSS BEFORE INCOME TAXES                                               (839,711)       (153,356)

     Provision for Income Tax                                                  9,404           4,000

     NET LOSS                                                              $(849,115)      $(157,356)
                                                                           =========       =========

      DILUTED                                                             34,843,441      29,965,878
                                                                          ==========      ==========

     BASIC AND DILUTED NET LOSS PER SHARE                                     $(0.02)         $(0.01)
                                                                              ======          ======

                         *APOLLO MEDICAL HOLDINGS, INC.

                                                       Three months ended
                                                            April 30,

                                                          2013                 2012
                                                          ----                 ----

    LOSS FROM OPERATIONS                             $(711,972)            $(53,153)

    Depreciation and
     amortization expense                                6,652                4,791
                                                         -----                -----

    EBITDA                                            (705,320)             (48,362)

     compensation expense                              623,226              104,134

    ADJUSTED EBITDA                                   $(82,094)             $55,772
                                                      ========              =======

*Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures
In addition to containing results that are determined in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America (GAAP), this press release also contains non-GAAP financial measures. Adjusted EBITDA, as used in this press release, represents Loss from Operations before depreciation, adjusted for issuance of shares for service, stock option expense, amortization of debt discount and impairment of intangibles and losses on discontinued operations. Adjusted EBITDA is a key indicator used by management to evaluate operating performance. While adjusted EBITDA is not intended to replace any presentation included in the consolidated financial statements under GAAP and should not be considered an alternative to operating performance or an alternative to cash flow as a measure of liquidity, the Company believes this measure is useful to investors in assessing the Company’s ongoing operating performance and working capital requirements. This calculation may differ in method of calculation from similarly titled measures used by other companies. A reconciliation of adjusted EBITDA to the nearest comparable GAAP financial measure is included in the financial schedules accompanying this press release. The Non-GAAP financial measures, as well as other information in this press release, should be read in conjunction with the Company’s financial statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

About Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. (ApolloMed)
Headquartered in Glendale, California and dedicated to putting the ‘Patient First,’ ApolloMed is a leading provider of physician-driven integrated healthcare management services, fueled by its commitment to provide exceptional multi-disciplinary care in the communities it serves in Southern and Central California. ApolloMed is addressing the healthcare needs of the nation’s largest population center by leveraging its integrated healthcare delivery platform comprised of three affiliated and complementary physician groups: ApolloMed Hospitalists, ApolloMed ACO (Accountable Care Organization) and Maverick Medical Group (Independent Physician Association). This platform combines hospitalist medicine, critical care medicine, case management and transition management that enable healthcare organizations to engage in performance payments for utilization efficiency, quality of care objectives and shared accountability arrangements. ApolloMed strives to improve medical outcomes with high quality, cost efficient care. For more information, please visit www.apollomed.net.

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