Vemma Product Review Examining The Popular Organic Supplement Released

June 24, 2013

Vemma product reviews have been flooding the Internet and HealthAvenger.com reveals the truth about this supplement being the world’s most powerful liquid antioxidant.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Vemma claims to be the “world’s most powerful” liquid antioxidant that is also very smooth and tastes like a citrus fruit. It has caught the attention of HealthAvenger.com’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Vemma has been formulated by physicians and they have blended philosophies from both the East and the West. Furthermore, the product is described as having mysterious elements that are all plant-based, including EGCGs and OPCs,” reports Stevenson. “We drank a can of Vemma in the morning at work and found we did not need any further cups of coffee during the day. Essentially, it gave us five hours of energy, without the jitters you would expect from similar results in other products. Furthermore, because it contains so many vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, we did indeed feel better physically as well. When we tried it, we noticed improved energy levels.”

The Vemma product review shows that the three main ingredients are Aloe Vera, Mangosteen, and Green tea; one ounce in each can is made up of these ingredients. These ingredients are supposed to support and protect a healthy heart. Furthermore, they are designed to improve the immune system and support it overall. The drink’s antioxidants will fight free radicals and stop cellular damage. It also promotes good vision and supports a healthy, normal intestinal tract. Last but not least, it is supposed to provide healthy eyes, skin, gums, teeth and even hair. Additionally, Vemma will give people an abundance of energy, something they could all do with whether it is to simply get through the day or to help them in their exercise regimes.

“The ingredient list of Vemma is impressive to say the least. It is absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. However, these ingredients are not unique and can be found in a range of other so called ‘super vitamin drinks’,” says Stevenson. “Vemma is indeed different. It contains 1,000 UIs of vitamin D, for starters. We also like that several clinical studies have been conducted into the product and the results of these have been very positive. A first confirmed that all the vitamins and minerals in Vemma can indeed be absorbed by the body. A second study, however, went more in-depth and yielded very interesting results. They found that the drinks reduce CRP levels, improved the functions of our immune cells, and improved overall feelings of general well-being.”

“Vemma has been reviewed on the Dr. Oz show and on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition program. Both of these spoke very highly of the product, which fills us with the confidence that it works and is good for us. The company does a lot more than simply sell supplements. They also have a brand partnership opportunity, which allows people to purchase products and sell them to others. We like the fact that there is a business opportunity to make money with Vemma. As the drink is so tasty and clearly beneficial, it is an easy prospect to sell. The potential benefits that are offered by Vemma to their brand partners are also very interesting. The price is very reasonable and the company also offers opportunities for brand partnership. Added to the fact that scientific studies have proven that the effects of the drink are real, and we think it is time to throw away your cans of Red Bull and choose Vemma instead.”

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