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MBC’s Best Billing Practices for Bundled Payment Models in Texas!

June 25, 2013

WILMINGTON, Delaware, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Medicalbillersandcoders.com [http://www.medicalbillersandcoders.com ] experts have
witnessed a sudden rush in Texas for billing professionals, triggered as much by concern
as also in a panic about – how to transition to the innovative payment model like bundled
payment platform which is gradually replacing the traditional pay-per-service.

MBC realizes that there is a lack of understanding among providers in Texas about the
intricacies of bundled payments. Health authorities have proposed four bundled payment
models as part of their Bundled Payment for Care Improvement initiative and are currently
testing them out in participation with care providers-

        - Retrospective Acute Care Hospital Stay Only - involves inpatient stay in
          acute care hospital, for which the hospital will be paid a discounted amount according
          to rates mentioned in Inpatient Prospective Payment System
        - Retrospective Acute Care Hospital Stay plus Post-Acute Care - covers auxiliary
          services related to an inpatient stay
        - Retrospective Post-Acute Care Only - covers post-care services given by
          facilities accredited skills to render such services, like nursing homes,
          rehabilitation centers
        - Acute Care Hospital Stay Only - involves a single amount prospectively
          determined for hospitals which would encompass payment for all services provided
          during inpatient stay

Bundled payment, as the name implies is a single payment for various services provided
for a particular treatment, which may include several providers in varied settings. MBC
understands the dynamics associated with these payments and have been assisting providers
in Texas to prepare themselves accordingly.

MBC’s experts while assisting providers in Texas perceived certain benefits linked
with bundled payments, like – improved coordination between the various care providers
involved, flexibility to support the method and place where certain care is delivered,
simplified billing with only one bill instead of multiple ones and finally providing
accountability of care for specified treatment.

However, MBC has also seen care providers in Texas face challenges like-

        - Identifying the care services falling within and outside an episode
        - Limited number of patients from one area if adoption of care is not widespread
        - Need to avoid high-risk patients or those treatments that might surpass
          average episode payments

Additionally MBC witnessed with the bundled payment model a lack of motivation amongst
care providers to reduce unnecessary episodes.

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MBC helps physicians in Texas handle bundled payment models-

“I am not sure whether innovative payment modules are good or bad for me, but what’s
clear is by the time I understand them properly I will have already incurred some losses,”
rued a mid-sized medical practitioner in Texas.

Empathizing with this concern MBC’s experts have the capability to provide a holistic
approach to equip care providers to meet the various challenges associated with bundled
payment model. Through its comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management services, MBC has helped
various care providers in Texas to easily adapt to it by improving their internal
operations by -

        - Performing a thorough assessment of their revenue cycle
        - Spotting gaps that fatten and slow down operations
        - Tweaking existing software applications to meet reform needs more effectively
          and replacing them with new applications where required
        - Identifying areas of training and training their staff

MBC team works towards helping care providers overcome the service-identification
challenge helping to understand the start and end points of care services within an
episode as also to identify the care services that form the part of an episode and ones
that don’t. These activities plus assistance on negotiating schedules and payer contracts
have helped care providers in Texas to effectively work with innovative payment models
like bundled payments.

The healthcare landscape in Texas is made of big, small and medium-sized players with
a thick and, in some cases, sole presence of small to medium-sized players; where MBC has
been providing end-to-end billing and coding services along with guidance on easy
adaptation of innovative payment models.

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