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Independent Testing Lab Reports RightSize® Smoothies Have Low Glycemic Index

July 2, 2013

Low G.I. Foods May Help in Weight Loss and Provide Other Health Benefits

CHICAGO, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — An independent food testing laboratory reports that RightSize smoothies have a low glycemic index (G.I.), placing them among the top food choices when following a low-glycemic weight loss plan. Research studies have indicated that diets based on low glycemic index foods may help in weight loss as well as help guard against certain chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

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Glycemic Index Laboratories tested the two most popular flavors of RightSize smoothies. Both the chocolate and vanilla flavors tested were found to have a glycemic value of 31 on a scale of 0-100, placing RightSize smoothies in the “low glycemic index” category alongside foods such as skim milk, raw carrots, peanuts and lentils.

Food scientists use the glycemic index as a way to classify the effect that carbohydrates have on blood sugar levels. Low glycemic index foods such as RightSize smoothies release their carbohydrates slowly, which many nutrition scientists believe is better for the body. High glycemic index foods release their carbohydrates rapidly, causing a spike in blood sugar often followed by a rapid decline which can create wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels that may not be healthy.

“We’re excited about the results because this test highlights the nutritional relevance of RightSize smoothies for anybody who wants to lose weight,” said Laurie Chapman, spokesperson for RightSize Health & Nutrition. “RightSize is a sensible, healthy weight loss plan.”

The latest test results follow the positive report late last year on a 12-week clinical trial using RightSize smoothies, published in Current Nutrition and Food Science. The trial concluded that RightSize smoothies helped people lose a pound or more a week when consumed as part of a calorie-restricted diet plan.

RightSize’s unique formula controls hunger with the one-two punch of high fiber and protein, along with a low glycemic index which keeps one feeling full and satisfied longer. The smoothies provide a slow, controlled release of carbohydrates for constant energy so dieters can avoid blood sugar spikes that cause the familiar “sugar crash” between meals.

The smoothies are packed with nutrients, including 15 grams of protein (when made with fat-free milk), 6 grams of fiber, over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, and natural ingredients such as green tea and ginger root extracts. They are gluten-free, nut-free and have no added caffeine.

RightSize smoothies come in four delicious flavors: Lean Cocoa Bean®, SkinniVanilli®, Slend-A-Berry® and Leano Cappuccino® and are available in canisters and eight-portion, single-serve packets. RightSize products can be purchased online at www.myrightsize.com and in select retail stores nationwide. Consumers can find special offers along with weight loss plans and smoothie recipes on the web site.

“RightSize smoothies are formulated to make weight loss easier,” says Chapman. “They’re convenient, easy to mix, and there is no need to track calories. Best of all, they taste like a rich, creamy shake, not like diet food.”

About RightSize Health & Nutrition Corporation
Founded in 2002, RightSize Health & Nutrition Corporation was formed on the building blocks of proper weight-loss and weight management. RightSize provides customers with a complete line of meal replacement smoothies that aid in weight loss. The RightSize product line can be found online and in retail stores nationwide. For more information, please visit myrightsize.com.

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