Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Gives the Low-Down on Covering Up

July 2, 2013

RMSunscreen.com gives the facts on how many burns are the result of misapplication of sunscreen, rather than the sunscreen itself.

ARVADA, CO (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

A common scenario for beach goers, outdoorsmen and people that love to go outside in the summer is applying sunscreen, going out into the sun, and still getting burned. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen, the leading online retailers of bulk broad spectrum sunscreen and gluten-free sunscreen, say that is this more common than many people believe. With recent changes to sunscreen packaging from the FDA early last year, certain phrases such as “all-day protection” and “sunblock” have been removed from all sunscreen labeling to help prevent misapplication from happening. However, many consumers are still left wondering why their skin is still showing damage from the sun.

"99.9% of the sun burning issues we see are application related," says Rocky Mountain Sunscreen owner David Erickson. "People don’t take the time to apply sunscreen properly. Additionally, they do not use enough to adequately cover their skin."

So what exactly is the right way to apply sunscreen? Erickson says that sunscreen needs at least a minimum of 10 minutes to set onto skin, with 15-30 minutes being the ideal time for it to absorb properly. Applying sunscreen on cool, dry skin allows the best possible results when heading out for a day outdoors. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen’s unique formula is designed to be applied on the skin at a normal 98.6 degree temperature, when the pores are closed and the sunscreen is most receptive to the epidermal layer of skin. Erickson also adds that applying this gluten-free sunscreen indoors prior to heading outside is the best possible scenario for sunscreen to work properly.

According to the Center for Disease Control, reapplying sunscreen immediately after getting out of the pool, ocean, or lake is extremely important in preventing skin from burning. In addition, the CDC also says that reapplication after spending an extended amount of time or strenuous activity outside is also essential. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen says this is a very important factor to keep in mind because of the fact that when skin warms up, pores open and sweat; pushing all of the remaining sunscreen from the skin.

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen also says that misapplication of sunscreen can mean missing important places as well. Erickson says that many consumers do not put their sunscreen on the places they cannot reach because they feel they don’t have to. The CDC says that applying one ounce to the whole body is the correct amount of sunscreen, which is usually measured in one palm full. When it comes time to reapply the sunscreen, finding a shaded spot outside that allows the skin to cool down a bit is the best place to put on the next application.

“If there’s one thing we could stress to those who have burned after putting on sunscreen, it’s to reapply sunscreen ever two hours or after toweling off from swimming or sweating heavily,” Erickson comments. Rocky Mountain Sunscreen has a complete guide of how to properly apply sunscreen to keep consumers and their family’s safe from the sun’s damaging rays, which can be downloaded on their website.

To learn more about how to properly apply sunscreen and the new sunscreen labeling procedures, visit CDC.gov for information.

About Rocky Mountain Sunscreen

Rocky Mountain Sunscreen was founded in 1989, after owner David Erickson, a then supplier to ski resorts and national parks, noticed skiers were increasingly suffering from sunburn. Erickson created his now renowned broad spectrum sunscreen that is greaseless, highly water resistant, PABA and fragrance free, and shipped the very first bottle in 1992. As Rocky Mountain Sunscreen gained attention and grew into the well-respected sunscreen company that it is today, Erickson’s philosophy to providing customers with a quality, honest product has stayed intact. Browse Sunscreen Lotion in Bulk and Travel Size Sunscreen in Bulk at RMSunscreen.com.

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