14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan: Review Examining Shaun Hadsall’s Latest Program Released

July 2, 2013

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan reviews have been flooding the Internet and HealthAvenger.com reveals the truth about this program that claims it takes people just 14 days to lose those last few stubborn pounds of fat using this program.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Shaun Hadsall’s claims that his program ‘The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan’ takes full advantage of three little known metabolic food triggers that literally force the body to use these fat stores as their first choice for energy. This has caught the attention of HealthAvenger.com’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Macro Patterning is all about using a strategic sequence of lower carbohydrate deplete days and higher carbohydrate cheat days that literally force your metabolism into overdrive. The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is all about using a process known as “Macro Patterning” or Carb Cycling Trickery” which helps you burn body fat continuously,” reports Stevenson. “With The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, you get both carb loading and de-loading recipes, which means you can take full advantage of high fat burning, easy, quick meals that you’re going to love.”

The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is presented in an easy, one-stop download presentation directly to the computer. Rapid Fat Loss Strategic Training and Exercise which is the crux of the program shows people exactly how they can both cut their exercise time down by 50% and triple their fat loss efforts. There are aggressive techniques included in Rapid Fat Loss Tips and Tricks that literally force the body to lose fat in double the regular time span. The Four-Step Proven Fat Loss Formula prevents rebound weight gain and people also learn to outsmart their metabolism with Proprietary Food Macro Planning TM Meal Plans. The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan also offers unusual scientific tips, tricks and techniques to enhance results along with an intro to get lean in 12’s Fat Burning Recipe Boot Camp.

“The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan allows you to eat in a healthy, nutritious manner while you still continue to ditch the lard. You don’t have to constantly be hungry all the time because you’re always on a diet trying to lose excess body fat,” says Stevenson. “With this program that is easy to understand, simple to follow and actually fun to read and understand, you remain well fed, satisfied, and full of energy and you can finally stop feeling guilt every time you dare to eat something that is high in carbohydrates.”

“If you want to look great for your beach vacation in a couple of weeks, but hate dieting, then the 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan can help you to charge towards your goals. If you need to drop a few pounds to get into that outfit for that extra special event, then this program can save you from weeks of depriving yourself of anything that contains even a sniff of carbohydrates. You don’t have to obsess about carbohydrates every single day. Anyone who is even vaguely interested in making their body look good or better than it does now is going to be able to take advantage of the information in this super rapid fat loss program.”

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