Leading NYC Chiropractor Dr. Steven Shoshany Expands ART® Soft-Tissue Mobilization Offerings

July 3, 2013

Dr. Shoshany, who is already ART® certified in lower extremity and full spine, has now added a new level of professional certification by being one of the few full body ART® certified physicians in Manhattan.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Dr. Steven Shoshany, recognized as one of NYC’s top chiropractors, is pleased to announce the expansion of his already vast range of soft-tissue mobilization therapies. Dr. Shoshany, who is already ART® (Active Release Techniques) certified in lower extremity and full spine, has now added a new level of professional certification by being one of the few full body ART® certified physicians in Manhattan. Dr. Shoshany recently attended the ART® Upper Extremity certification course to finish off his certifications for being able to utilize Active Release Techniques almost anywhere his patients are experiencing pain.

During the ART® Upper Extremity certification course, which took place in Nashville this weekend, Dr. Shoshany was able to greatly expand and enhance his knowledge of hundreds of manual movements that comprise ART® by enhancing his ability to treat:

    ⁃    Shoulder Injuries such as those caused by pushing, which can injure the subscapularis muscle;

    ⁃    Pain and tendonitis affecting the latissimus dorsi, and teres major, which are heavily involved in pulling movements, especially exercises like pullups;

    ⁃    Injuries resulting from falling on an outstretched arm;

    ⁃    Triceps and latissimus dorsi pain that can occur from lifting heavy objects;

    ⁃    Swimming related injuries which cause pain and effect the infraspinatus, teres minor, and triceps muscles;

    ⁃    Tennis elbow;

    ⁃    Arm and hand injuries that involve the brachioradialis;

    ⁃    Carpal tunnel syndrome;

    ⁃    Arthritis in the hands;

    ⁃    Golfer's elbow;

    ⁃    Other painful soft tissue injuries that result from throwing, falling, tendonitis, and other sports related causes.

These patented, proven methods will allow patients to enjoy fast, effective relief from pain. This is in addition to the ART® services already offered by Dr. Shoshany at his Manhattan practice. Upon completing the certification Dr shoshany said: "This is going to be great for my patients that are competitive and recreational athletes. They already see the benefits from ART® and now I can apply it to even more muscles and tendons, and its going to mean more time training and better recovery times for them."

Dr. Shoshany feels that this latest addition to his already expansive, innovative practice is a boost in his ability to quickly get his patients up and moving again. He has already seen amazing results from using Active Release Techniques to lower body pain in his patients. Dr. Shoshany also regularly uses ART® to treat Crossfit athletes, and people who compete in adventure races, such as the Civilian Military Combine. These events challenge a person's fitness levels in endurance and strength. Dr. Shoshany also attends these events to offer recovery advice, and to provide assistive techniques like Kinesio Taping.

ART® is a revolutionary soft-tissue mobilization treatment protocol that permanently and safely resolves painful conditions caused by over-used muscles and other soft tissue and is one of the most popular treatments at Dr. Shoshany’s practice in downtown NYC. Affected tissue that presents tears, pulls, collisions, lack of oxygen, and other trauma, can result in headaches, pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, runner’s knee, tennis elbow, and more. When combined with conditions that affect the spine, discs, joints, or other bones, soft tissue problems can result in seriously aggravated pain and possible nerve damage. The success of ART® lies in its multifaceted approach that treats muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves with patented manual movements and tension.

Soft tissue that is damaged by trauma results in motion-restricting scar tissue. In addition to diminishing the natural range of motion and causing dysfunction, scar tissue can cause muscle fibers to become shorter and more fragile, increasing the chance of further injury. Scar tissue also affects tendons, which can become inflamed and produce a painful sensation in response to movement (this is known as tendonitis). 

Nerves can become entrapped in scar tissue, causing tingling, numbness, pain, as well as limited or impaired ability to move. ART® expertly addresses these issues by first identifying them using a patented examination process that assesses the texture, strength, and movement of the tissues to determine the presence of any deficiencies. Once the problem is identified, Dr. Shoshany develops a customized treatment protocol tailored to each patient in order to mobilize and release scar tissue, freeing healthy soft tissue and restoring normal function and movement to reduce pain and increase comfort and well-being.

Patients in NYC who experience back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, knee pain, elbow pain, arm pain, or any other muscular ailments are welcome to contact Dr. Shoshany to experience the pain relief and health benefits of ART®.  For additional information on ART® treatment protocols and to book a consultation, please contact Dr. Shoshany at: 212-645-8151.


Regarded as one of Manhattan’s top chiropractors, Dr. Steven Shoshany is an internationally-recognized pioneering innovator in the field of spinal decompression, being one of the first doctors to offer the revolutionary non-surgical treatment in New York City. A graduate of Life University’s class of 1996, Dr. Shoshany is certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) and has been successfully practicing in the downtown Manhattan area since 1999, where he currently resides with his wife and children. For more information on Dr. Shoshany, please visit http://www.drshoshany.com.

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