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Elsevier Promotes Local Research Efforts in Pakistan Through “Quiz for Science”

July 5, 2013

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, July 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Initial phase runs from 4 July to 31 October 2013

Elsevier [http://www.elsevier.com ], a world-leading provider of scientific, technical
and medical information products and services, announced the launch of the Quiz for
Science [http://quizforscience.com/(S(43cvap45k30t0pz1iytskz25))/pakistan/default.aspx ]
series for 30 leading universities and institutions [http://quizforscience.com/(S(
kjllse45cwqo1er0lpszjq45))/pakistan/college.aspx ] in Pakistan, recognizing local research
efforts from across the country.

Quiz for Science is based on content and information available through ScienceDirect
[http://www.sciencedirect.com ], Elsevier’s database of scientific, full-text information.
All students, researchers and faculty of the 30 leading universities and institutions in
Pakistan have access to ScienceDirect through the digital library program
[http://www.digitallibrary.edu.pk ] of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and can
participate in the quiz. Quiz for Science is designed as an innovative and interactive way
for researchers to enhance their scientific knowledge while providing them an opportunity
to win prizes.

“Elsevier is committed to promoting scientific excellence around the world and Quiz
for Science is a step in that direction, especially to highlight the efforts of the
research community in Pakistan,” said Saurabh Sharma, Elsevier’s Regional Director for its
Science & Technology division in South Asia. “I’m confident that Quiz for Science will
attract an overwhelming level of participation and support from within the community which
will further support research advancement in Pakistan.”

To participate in the quiz, each applicant must register [http://quizforscience.com/(S(
c2x0xlreg4uxoibudt1hnd45))/pakistan/Registrations.aspx ] and answer 20 questions in the
subject area of their specialization. The majority of the questions contained in the quiz
are based on journal articles published by Pakistani researchers over the last few years.

The initial phase of the quiz runs from 4 July to 31 October 2013. For more
information go to http://www.QuizforScience.com/Pakistan.

About ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect [http://www.sciencedirect.com ] is a world premier full-text scientific
database offering journal articles and book chapters from more than 2,500 peer-reviewed
journals and 11,000 books. The platform offers search and retrieval functionalities that
enable users to work effectively in the knowledge discovery process. ScienceDirect aims to
revolutionize the traditional format of the academic paper; interactive elements, enhanced
online-readability, alerting services, and linking options to external datasets help
researchers to build insights at the article level. ScienceDirect now has more than 10
million users; its wide reach makes it an ideal place for scientists to publish and
disseminate their research findings.

About Elsevier

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information
products and services. The company works in partnership with the global science and health
communities to publish more than 2,000 journals, including The Lancet
[http://www.thelancet.com ] and Cell [http://www.cell.com ], and close to 20,000 book
titles, including major reference works from Mosby and Saunders. Elsevier’s online
solutions include ScienceDirect [http://www.sciencedirect.com ], Scopus
[http://www.scopus.com ], Reaxys [http://www.elsevier.com/reaxys ], ClinicalKey
[https://www.clinicalkey.com ] and Mosby’s Suite [http://www.confidenceconnected.com ],
which enhance the productivity of science and health professionals, and the SciVal suite
[http://www.scival.com ] and MEDai’s Pinpoint Review [http://www.medai.com ], which help
research and health care institutions deliver better outcomes more cost-effectively.

A global business headquartered in Amsterdam, Elsevier [http://www.elsevier.com ]
employs 7,000 people worldwide. The company is part of Reed Elsevier Group plc
[http://www.reedelsevier.com/Pages/Home.aspx ], a world leading provider of professional
information solutions. The group employs more than 30,000 people, including more than
15,000 in North America. Reed Elsevier Group plc is owned equally by two parent companies,
Reed Elsevier PLC and Reed Elsevier NV. Their shares are traded on the London, Amsterdam
and New York Stock Exchanges using the following ticker symbols: London: REL; Amsterdam:
REN; New York: RUK and ENL.

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