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Northridge Dentist, Dr. Ariz, is Now Offering Treatments for Sleep Apnea

July 5, 2013

NORTHRIDGE, Calif., July 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sleep apnea is a common, chronic sleep disorder that causes patients to pause or stop breathing periodically during deeper levels of sleep. These pauses can last from just a few seconds to more than a minute, and they can happen many times during the course of an hour. Sleep apnea can thrust patients into a lighter phase of sleep and leave them feeling tired or excessively sleepy during the day. Northridge dentist, Dr. Ariz, is now offering treatments for sleep apnea.

Many patients with sleep apnea are unaware of their condition. There is no blood test to identify sleep apnea markers, and routine office visits can easily miss the signs. Sleeping partners of those with sleep apnea may complain of loud snoring or choking sounds during sleep, and the patient may complain of chronic, unexplained exhaustion.

Northridge dentist, Dr. Ariz, can help patients with sleep apnea enjoy more restful sleep with a variety of treatments. Night guards are one of the more common treatment options. These fully customized guards are designed to help keep the airways open during sleep so that the patient can breathe more comfortably. CPAP machines can also be beneficial for promoting positive airway pressure. In some cases, surgery may be an option for those who have not seen symptom improvement with other treatment options. Dr. Ariz, Northridge dentist, will help his patients explore their option and determine the sleep apnea treatment that can help them get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Ariz offers other treatments as well, including preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign, advanced diagnostic procedures and dental surgery.

About Dr. Ariz, Dentist Northridge

Dr. Farshid Ariz graduated from Boston University’s School of Dentistry in 1989 and continued his studies in the field of periodontics. Today, Dr. Ariz is a premier Northridge dentist and a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, the American Academy of Osseointegration and the Medical Review Institute of America, Inc. He works as an Assistant Professor to Advanced Periodontics for the University Of Southern California School Of Dentistry. Dr. Ariz is skilled in performing aesthetic periodontal therapy, dental implants and full mouth reconstruction.


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