A Study Shows That Cocoa Could Help Fight Obesity Related Inflammation

July 5, 2013

With cocoa, not only can it taste good, but it could actually help those with weight problems better control inflammation related disease, such as diabetes. Prescopodene Nutritionals also found a way to help with weight problems as well.

Washington, USA (PRWEB) July 05, 2013

In an article on the Science Daily website, Joshua Lambert, associate professor of food science says that mice who are fed cocoa along with a high-fat diet experienced less obesity-related inflammation, compared to mice fed the same high-fat diet without the cocoa supplement.

Over the course of a 10 week period, the mice ingested a human equivalent of 10 tablespoons of cocoa powder, which equates to about four of five cups of hot cocoa.

"What surprised me was the magnitude of the effect," Lambert, said. "There wasn't as big of an effect on the body weight as we expected, but I was surprised at the dramatic reduction of inflammation and fatty liver disease."

Several indicators of inflammation and diabetes in mice who had been fed the cocoa supplement were much lower than the mice who didn’t take the supplement. The cocoa fed mice had about 27 percent lower plasma insulin levels then the ones not feed the cocoa. It’s known that a high level of insulin can indicate that a patient has diabetes. Liver triglycerides in the cocoa fed mice were about 32 percent lower as well. High liver triglycerides are a sign of fatty liver disease. This is related to diabetes and inflammation.

It is not known as to why there is an inflammation response, but Lambert said that there are two theories behind this. One, the excess fat may activate a distress signal, which causes immune cells to activate, which causes the inflammation. The other theory revolves around the excess fat in the diet, which interferes with the body’s ability to keep endotoxin, a bacterial component, from entering the bloodstream through gaps between cells in the digestive system. This will then alert an immune response.

Cocoa by itself actually contains low-calorie content, low-fat content, and is high in fiber.

"Most obesity researchers tend to steer clear of chocolate because it is high in fat, high in sugar and is usually considered an indulgence," Lambert said. "However, cocoa powder is low in fat and low in sugar. We looked at cocoa because it contains a lot of polyphenolic compounds, so it is analogous to things like green tea and wine, which researchers have been studying for some of their health benefits."

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