ReJuviance Introduces Minoxidil Gel

July 12, 2013

Gel: OTC Formula – Hair Body Styling Plus Trans-scalp Delivery

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

ReJuviance Products Corp announced a new topical hair growth gel with a hair styling feature. It is the only product combining the existing OTC approved formula for Minoxidil hair growth liquid as a styling gel with improved trans-scalp delivery.

“ReJuviance Minoxidil Gel” — ReJuviance scientists have taken the OTC approved liquid formula for 5% minoxidil hair growth liquid, and recreated it as a men’s hair styling gel. The new product retains all its hair regrowth features, yet accelerates trans-scalp delivery of the ingredients using ReJuviance transdermal technology. “The product also coats existing hair shafts enabling the wearer to enlarge his hair appearance until the next shampoo,” said John Edwards, President of ReJuviance Products Corp. For those who are serious about arresting balding and stimulating new hair growth, this gel is also available as another new product from ReJuviance called “Saw Palmetto Gel” with powerful DHT blockers that stimulate new hair growth in parallel with its minoxidil trans-scalp gel activity. ReJuviance Minoxidil Gel and ReJuviance Saw Palmetto Gel at $29.00 cost less on-line than the price of Minoxidil at the local pharmacy.”

ReJuviance Products Corp develops, manufactures and sells rejuvenating topicals that can reliably deliver the ingredients across the outer skin barrier to the foundation cells that need them. The product family includes gels that stimulate hair regrowth to slow down baldness in men with thinning hair and stimulate new hair growth.

To Purchase ReJuviance Minoxidil Gel:

Go to Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Minoxidil-Hair-Regrowth-Styling-Gel/dp/B00DEPD7DA/ref;

Or the ReJuviance store at http://shop.rejuviance.com/Minoxidil-Hair-Regrowth-Styling-Gel-RP-012.htm.

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