Tri Hawk Says Custom Orthotic Industry a Sham

July 17, 2013

Today Tri Hawk calls on the custom orthotic industry for an impartial scientific study comparing the efficacy of custom orthotics, and prefabricated orthotics like its Nature-Fit orthotics. The custom industry announces ever more expensive equipment and orthotics, yet cannot show they are any better than prefabricated.

(PRWEB) July 17, 2013

Tri Hawk challenges the custom orthotic industry to prove that custom orthotics are not a sham and worth the several hundred dollars each charged to patients. Tri Hawk points to several studies which concluded that custom orthotics are no better than prefabricated orthotics, and in some ways are worse.

Custom orthotics made of soft materials do not have enough strength to support the arch, in some cases from first wearing, and for all after a short period of use. Custom orthotics made of hard materials like carbon fiber, don't permit the arch to move at all. The muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot weaken if the arch cannot move.

Tri Hawk engineered the Nature-Fit orthotics from a proprietary polymer to be very thin, but strong. They flex as the foot should flex. This exercises and strengthens components of the arch.

Feet improve when Nature-Fit orthotics are worn, which cannot be said of the majority of custom orthotics.

The custom orthotic industry has little scientific data to support its claim of efficacy, and what data that does exist will not pass close examination. Rigid control of data collection and evaluation was not exercised. Tri Hawk welcomes an opportunity to show the truth.

To find out more about Nature-Fit and its products, call the company at (800) 874-4295 or visit http://www.nature-fit.com/podiatry.

About Nature-Fit

Nature-Fit is the developer of prefabricated, standard-sized, semi-rigid orthotics. The Nature-Fit orthotics can be immediately applied, avoiding a long wait for custom orthotics. PerFLEXion Technology permits the foot's arch to flex as nature intended while providing arch support.

Nature-Fit is a subsidiary of Tri Hawk International http://www.trihawk.com.

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