The Heat of Summer Is Here: Be Confident in Summer Clothing and Swimwear With Cellulite Diminishing Products From Sublime Beauty

July 18, 2013

Much of the country is baking in hot temperatures, and people are heading to the beaches or wearing skimpy clothing. Be confident by reducing and smoothing cellulite with Sublime Beauty's Cellulite Whisperer® products today (now on sale).

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) July 18, 2013

The heat of summer is on and many are headed to the beaches, swimming pools and wearing skimpy clothing to deal with the temperatures. It is not too late to address cellulite. Diminishing cellulite is on many women's "must do" list, but is not easy.

Sublime Beauty® offers organic cellulite products to help address the issues of smoothing bumpy skin, rebuilding cell walls, nourishing skin and breaking down toxins that are the source. Cellulite Whisperer Gel and Lotion are the "1-2" punch for cellulite.

The Gel works to dissolve toxins and deeply nourish, while the lotion works to rebuild cells and smooth skin. The company has a website devoted to cellulite. They are currently on sale.

"There is no easy fix for cellulite," says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. "With a 'full court press' on cellulite, you can certainly diminish it. This includes using products to break down toxins, massage, skin brushing, spot exercises and better diet (if not already in place.) Many women do not drink enough water, and this is good for overall health and for helping to flush toxins, too."

The Cellulite Whisperer® Gel works to break down those toxins that are smashed together which cause the orange peel look. The gel should be massaged in with hand, nubbed brush or massager. After it is absorbed, apply Cellulite Whisperer Lotion which helps to smooth and rebuild skin. Use twice daily (morning and evening.)

"The Cellulite Whisperer products are on sale now," says Heshelow. "We use Amazon as our fulfillment center with it's great shipping, ease of purchase and great customer service."

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