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Haemorrhoid Patients no Longer Need to Suffer in Silence-Canterbury Doctor Brings New Painless Treatment for Piles to the UK

July 19, 2013

CANTERBURY, England, July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Dr Mark J Hudson-Peacock is excited to be the first doctor in the UK to be offering
this revolutionary treatment to sufferers with haemorrhoid disease (HD or piles), which is
so common, but not much spoken about.

Many sufferers with HD do not seek help, as they are too embarrassed or scared that
treatment might mean pain or disruption to their everyday lives. HD can affect people from
all walks of life, and it is stated that about 50% of adults will have suffered with some
symptoms by 50 years of age. The commonest symptoms of HD are bleeding before, during or
after passing a stool, and itching or discharge from the bottom. These symptoms can also
potentially be associated with more serious disease, so it is very important that such
symptoms are investigated appropriately.

Traditional treatments for HD include sclerotherapy and banding for early disease,
which can be successful, but which can be associated with risk of pain and complications.
More serious HD can be treated with more invasive methods such as stapling,
haemorrhoidectomy or the more recent Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation Operation, again, all
variably painful and associated with side effects and complications.

Many patients with lower grade HD are simply reassured and told to eat a high fibre
diet and drink plenty of water to try to keep the stool nice and soft. However, if not
actively treated, a proportion of lower grade HD will become larger, more troublesome and
cause the symptoms mentioned above. If there were a treatment that could be used in low
grade as well as high grade HD with minimal or no risk of complications, then this would
be revolutionary and potentially suitable for all patients with this annoying disease.

Well, now there is such a treatment available!

Ultroid is a treatment that has been around longer than most, but equipment
reliability and good studies to improve its application have been lacking, until now. Over
the last 10 years, an American company have developed and perfected the Ultroid equipment
and technique. It is FDA approved, it has the required CE and TUV marks, and has CQC
approval for use in the Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic in Canterbury, where Dr
Hudson-Peacock works in his private capacity.

Ultroid is a non-surgical, painless treatment, for which there is no pre-treatment
preparation needed. It can be carried out in the privacy of a clinic environment, and
takes about 20 minutes, depending on the number and size (or grade) of HD needing
treatment. From over 100,000 patients treated in the USA now, there have been no (yes, no)
complications at all. This in itself is quite remarkable! That is what makes the
availability of this treatment so exciting. All the gain, but none of the pain (or
complications) associated with many of the other HD treatments traditionally carried out
up to now. After Ultroid treatment, patients go straight back to home or work with no
downtime to factor into the treatment process.

For more information, please refer to the website: http://www.ultroiduk.com

SOURCE Ultroid UK Ltd.

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