Gulf Coast Spine Care Announces New Treatments for Degenerative Disk Disease

July 19, 2013

Patients are finding a high level of relief from the new treatments available through the Gulf Coast Spine Care Center.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

Degenerative disk disease can be painful and even debilitating for some people. The disease can cause pain in the neck, the back, or both. The location of the degeneration or disc damage, coupled with the severity of the damage can affect the level of pain that a patient feels. Those who are suffering from degenerative disk disease may understandably be looking for the best solution to alleviate pain and to treat the condition. While there are many options available, patients are finding a high level of relief from the new treatments available through the Gulf Coast Spine Care center.

Causes and Symptoms

Degenerative disk disease can be caused by a number of factors. Being obese may increase the risk of developing this condition, but it also may be caused by trauma from a serious or even minor accident. The pain may start out slowly and worsen gradually, or it may begin by being rather intense. However, the condition can worsen over time if left untreated. Those who believe they may have this condition should be properly diagnosed by the skilled and experienced team at the Gulf Coast Spine Care center. Diagnostics are often completed through imaging tests and a physical examination. During an exam, a doctor may look for other conditions that may have been caused by the degenerative disk disease. This is a condition that can lead to conditions like a herniated disk, spinal stenosis, or other conditions.

At-Home Treatments

Many people who have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease will first begin treating the condition using at-home treatments. These may include the use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. Pain may also be alleviated for some through the application of ice or heat. When these treatments are not effective, however, more significant treatment options are available through the team at the Gulf Coast Spine Care center.

More Significant Treatments

The team at Gulf Coast Spine Care may recommend a number of treatment options depending on the nature of a patient’s symptoms. In some cases, physical therapy that is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the back and neck can be highly beneficial for the patient. In other cases, surgery that removes the damaged area of the disc may be recommended. This type of surgery may fuse together the spinal discs to prevent damage to the spinal cord. When fusing discs is not a feasible option, an artificial disc may be placed in the area where the damaged disc was removed.

Those who are suffering from degenerative disc disease or who believe that they are experiencing symptoms of this condition should consider contacting the team at Gulf Coast Spine Care. Gulf Coast Spine Care can diagnose the condition and can recommend effective treatment options that can ease the pain or that can cure the condition entirely.


For many years, the Gulf Coast Spine Care team has been working hard to help Houston area patients with their back and neck pain issues. The team utilizes the most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat patients with a wide range of conditions affecting this area of the body. Individuals who are living with pain in the neck or back should consider calling the office to schedule an initial consultation and to learn more about the treatment options that may help them. Gulf Coast Spine Care can be contacted by calling 877-395-8353

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