July 23, 2013

New Strategy For Fiber Tracking In Human Brain

Diffusion tensor imaging fiber tracking with reliable tracking orientation and flexible step size can show white matter fiber bundles in the healthy corpus callosum. Researchers used two sets of human data to assess the performance of this method; one was from a healthy volunteer and the other from a patient with low-grade glioma. Results verified that this method was superior to the single-tensor Fiber Assignment by Continuous Tracking and the two-tensor eXtended Streamline Tractography for showing detailed images of fiber bundles. A recent study published in the Neural Regeneration Research (Vol. 8, No. 16, 2013) proposed this new method of reliable tracking orientation and flexible step size fiber tracking. This new directional strategy was defined to select one optimal tracking orientation from each directional set, which was based on the single-tensor model and the two-tensor model.


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