Fitness Expert and Founder of the Popular Fitness Marketing Blog PTPower.com, Bedros Keuilian, Teaches Fitness Professionals the Top Five Ways to Sell More Personal Training

July 23, 2013

Bedros Keuilian, one of the country’s top fitness experts and founder of the popular fitness marketing blog, PTPower.com, reveals the top five ways to sell more personal training.

Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

As the founder of a popular fitness marketing blog used by thousands of personal trainers across the globe and president of the country’s fastest growing fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, fitness expert and entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian knows a thing or two about selling personal training. Finding success in his methods for selling personal training is exactly why Keuilian released his list of the top five ways to make a personal training sale.

“As a personal trainer it is imperative to understand the client's wants because, not only is that what’s going to change their lives, it’s what’s going to get you the sale”, says Keuilian. He explains, “See, most of the time prospects don't even know the deeper and more compelling reasons for wanting to get into shape and it’s your job as a personal trainer to figure out what that is, but first, they have to know, like and trust you or they’ll never let you in.”

Here are Keuilian’s top five ways to sell more personal training:

1. Establish rapport. Establishing rapport is important because people tend to only do business with those they like and trust.

2. Find potential client’s wants. Most people tend to purchase personal training because they want something more out of it, not just because they need to lose weight and get in shape. Find the reason why they want to lose weight, and lead with it.

3. Sell benefits. Potential clients don’t typically care about the features in your personal training business, they care more about the benefits, so figure out the benefits and sell them.

4. Stress urgency. If you can’t build a sense of urgency during your sales process, you are always going to struggle making the sale.

5. Ask for the sale. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but nothing will ever happen until you ask for the sale.

About Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian, founder of the popular fitness marketing blog, PTPower.com, and president of the fitness boot camp franchise Fit Body Boot Camp, is a long time fitness business coach and personal training sales expert who has helped thousands of personal trainers worldwide grow their personal training businesses. To find out more about Bedros Keuilian, his company PTPower, or Fit Body Boot Camp, please visit http://www.ptpower.com, and http://www.myfitbodybootcamp.com

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