Yoga for Bodybuilders: Review Examining Adam Steer’s Program Released

July 25, 2013

Yoga for Bodybuilders reviews have been flooding the Internet and YogaForBodyBuilders.org reveals the truth about Adam Steer’s new science program.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

Yoga for Bodybuilders that claims to be the answer to soreness, mass building, and strength gain has caught the attention of http://YogaForBodyBuilders.org ’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Yoga for Bodybuilders works on the fact that tiny muscle injuries that we might not even be aware of can literally force our muscles not work to the max. Including yoga in your training has been scientifically proven to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. One of the great things about Yoga for Bodybuilders is that you’re not only getting the benefit of Adam’s expertise, but of yoga expert, Kris Fondran as well,” reports Stevenson. “For both males and females, this is serious flexibility and mobility training that is scientifically proven to help with strength, mass, and muscle gain. It doesn’t take up a whole heap of your workout time either and the program improves both your flexibility and mobility.”

Yoga for Bodybuilders includes a Manual, Printable Charts, Gym Floor Cheat Sheets, Upper and Lower Body Video Collection. The manual provides a bundle of mobility exercises for each and every muscle group. The cheat sheets are perfect for those who prefer the printed word to video and the charts can be printed and taken to the gym to remind people exactly what to do and when. The video collection is a visual training aid that walks one through every single upper and lower body exercise in the program. Not only can people watch these on their PC or Mac, but they can take the smartphone version with them to the gym as well.

“An instant download to your computer, Yoga for Bodybuilders is directed specifically at bodybuilders. It is the culmination of the knowledge of two top athletes– something that’s simply not been available at any point in the past,” says Stevenson. “Your body’s own defense mechanism is the one that tolls the bell of doom for the muscle gain that you’re desperately striving for. So by limiting this, and improving your posture, muscle imbalance and micro-injuries, you can ensure that each and every rep you do is building that muscle and working in the way it should.”

“Yoga for Bodybuilding honestly can help you achieve the gains you’re striving for and with a damn sight less pain along the way too. This program is ideal for athletes, soccer players, and anyone else who needs their body to be in tip top condition but perhaps doesn't realize that yoga can prove to be so advantageous. Using these simple techniques at the end of your workout has been shown to help dampen the effects of chronic and systemic inflammation. If you want to turn up the heat on your training and lessen your chance of serious injury, then give Yoga for Bodybuilders a try.”

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