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NPI Board Member Reid Eckert Exclusively Profiled in Examiner Article

July 25, 2013

Reid Eckert, one of Nutritional Products International’s esteemed board members, was recently the subject of a profile article in Examiner.com.

Boca Raton, Florida (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

Reid Eckert, one of Nutritional Products International’s esteemed board members, was recently the subject of a profile article in Examiner.com.

Reporter Helen Svendsen met up with Eckert at his health products store in Tamarac, Fla. to gain some insight into his business’s overwhelming popularity. Throughout the reporter’s visit, Eckert’s shop was filled to capacity with people suffering from a wide range of ailments, all clamoring for the sage advice of the certified nutritional counselor himself.

“It’s no surprise that people would seek out Mr. Eckert’s advice on matters of nutrition, health and wellness,” said Brian Gould, Vice President of Retail Operations for NPI. “His extraordinary vision in the world of nutrition has been indispensable for NPI and its clients. He is a prime example of the level of expertise we have behind us, especially when it comes to identifying and partnering with the world’s top nutritional and nutraceutical brands.”

Eckert was introduced to nutritional products at an early age. As a young athlete, his mother encouraged him to take supplements to improve his performance and overall health. Eckert continued to explore his interest in nutrition as a semi-professional basketball player, and when he retired from the game at the age of 34, he took up nutrition as a full-time endeavor.

Now with 25 years of experience as a certified nutritional counselor, Eckert spends most of his time dispensing the knowledge he has gained over a lifetime of work. In addition to serving customers in his shop, he also formulates proprietary nutritional supplements for doctors and organizations. He also serves on the board of scientific advisors for Enymedica, the world’s largest enzyme brand.

Eckert also works alongside Dr. Joseph Purita, a fellow NPI board member and leading stem cell therapist, developing nutraceuticals and supplements designed to promote longevity and address a wide range of health issues.

“Mr. Eckert has an inexhaustible supply of energy,” said Gould. “He is frequently engaged in a number of projects at once, and yet the quality and focus of his work never ceases. We’re proud to have people like Mr. Eckert and Dr. Purita on NPI’s board of directors. We’ve already benefitted greatly from their involvement with our firm, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

NPI (http://www.nutricompany.com) is a leading sales and brand management firm that specializes in the health & wellness, beauty and sports nutrition industries. The company provides innovative distribution services to brands worldwide, offering a fast track to the world’s largest retail market—the United States.

To read the full profile article on Reid Eckert, go to http://www.examiner.com/article/non-stop-health-advice-with-nutrition-expert-reid-eckert.

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