KORT Physical Therapy Now Offering Solutions to Swimmer’s Shoulder

July 27, 2013

KORT Physical Therapy offers solutions to swimmer's shoulder. Swimming is a popular exercise option especially this time of year, but as with any form of exercise, there is risk of injury if not done correctly.

Lexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) July 27, 2013

Swimming is a popular exercise option especially this time of year, but as with any form of exercise, there is risk of injury if not done correctly. Between 40 and 90% of swimmers complain of shoulder pain. The shoulder is a very mobile joint, allowing for movement in multiple directions. The combination of the reaching, pulling, and rotating motions, and powerful force generation used to propel the body during swimming can take their toll.

According to KORT physical therapist Rob Swayze, PT, OCS, COMT, a swimmer’s shoulder will often be loose, especially in front, which can progressively cause structural damage. This damage can be prevented by stretching the back of the shoulder and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder and around the shoulder blade to help control repetitive motions, he said.

“If the trunk or legs are weak, the demands on the shoulder become even greater,” said Swayze. “It’s a good idea to strengthen the core and legs to offset the stress on the shoulders.”

Swayze says, the freestyle stroke is easy to learn and the most efficient stroke for swimming long distances without placing too much stress on the shoulders. Since this stroke involves moving one arm at a time, the trunk rotates away from the side of the pull and avoids a position of possible shoulder impingement, he said.

“Impingement happens when a tendon of the shoulder rubs on adjacent structures and becomes irritated or inflamed. On average, impingement occurs 25% of stroke time,” said Swayze.

He says the butterfly stroke places the most demand on the shoulders as this motion does not use the trunk rotation and both arms are moving simultaneously.

Swimmers suffering from shoulder pain should consult a physician or physical therapist, said Swayze.

Physical therapy is a great option to prevent or overcome swimmer’s shoulder. You want to spend your summer enjoying the pool not sidelined with an injury,” he said.

KORT clinics throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana are offering a complimentary consultation for shoulder pain. A board-certified physical therapist will provide a complimentary consultation to help assess your condition. Visit http://www.kort.com or call 1-800-645 KORT (5678) to schedule an appointment.

Most health insurance plans now allow patients to seek physical therapy treatment directly without a physician referral.

Kentucky Orthopedic Rehab Team (KORT) has been specializing in outpatient physical and occupational therapy in Kentucky and Southern Indiana for over 25 years. Local ownership and independent operations, allow KORT clinicians to work one-on-one with patients to regain strength, increase flexibility, improve mobility, and reduce pain without drugs or surgery. Selected as a “Best Places to Work in Kentucky” for nine consecutive years, and with over 40 locations, KORT has the most board certified Orthopedic Specialists and Vestibular Rehabilitation specialists than any other provider in the region. KORT’s certified athletic trainers provide sports medicine services to more than 30 high schools and colleges in Kentucky & Southern Indiana.


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