With Summer in Full Swing, Columbia Skin Care Eliminates the Need for Topical Steroids in the Treatment of Heat and Insect Caused Rashes

July 31, 2013

Whatever the season, rashes are sure to make an unwelcome and uncomfortable appearance. Columbia has got its customers' backs, as well as any other area of skin that needs healing and relief with the safest and most effective natural treatment for irritated skin and conditions such as eczema.

(PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Whether it's caused by the heat, bacterial infection, fungal infection (ringworm), allergens, eczema, psoriasis or insect bites, rashes are never comfortable, and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.Today, it is all too common to treat non infectious rashes with steroids like hydrocortisone which can cause an allergic reaction in some or initiate other negative reactions like thinning, sensitive skin, infections, growth suppression (in children), and stretch marks with long-term use. (1)

Healthy skin provides a protective shield from irritants from the outside environment. Sometimes, the skin is compromised by a number of reasons and skin irritation causes itching, resulting in uncomfortable rashes. (2)

Rashes are often caused by contact with a substance that irritates the skin. A rash typically starts within 24-48 hours after contact with the irritating substance. Symptoms ranging from mild redness, small red bumps to more severe reactions like swelling, redness, and blisters can occur.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology says that if you have skin allergies, skin rash flare-ups most often occur during the summer months (3), including atopic dermatitis (eczema) which affects 15 million Americans (1), and urticaria (hives) but fortunately there is a natural remedy.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder is a highly effective and safe solution to relieving irritation from skin eruptions without the use of topical steroids and or harmful chemicals that could be absorbed through the skin. Their unique combination of natural ingredients can quickly and safely heal skin rashes.

The active ingredients in Columbia Antiseptic Powder combat rashes on numerous fronts.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder:

1. Provides an effective barrier against skin irritants.(4)

2. Protects the irritated skin from additional friction.(5)

3. Has excellent anti-inflammatory properties to relieve the rash itself. (4)

4. Is an antiseptic which inhibits microbe growth. These antibacterial properties minimize infection and aid in the wound healing process.(6)

5. Contains a topical anesthetic which cools and soothes the rash on contact. This also minimizes itching to allow rash to heal and prevent infection caused by scratching. The effects can be felt as soon as the powder is rubbed into the skin. (7)

6. Absorbs moisture to inhibit bacterial growth. (5)

7. Discourages insects such as ticks, fleas & chiggers and so acts as a preventative when applied before venturing outside.

Columbia creates this highly effective "First Aid for Skin" by focusing on using the purest ingredients and combining them in ways that yield the most efficacious healing product.

As an example of the attention to the quality of their ingredients, the pure hypoallergenic talc used in Columbia Antiseptic powder has far better absorption than most talc, which comes from places like China or India and is often found to have unsafe fillers like asbestos and arsenic to add weight to the product and save money. The FDA considers it unacceptable for cosmetic talc to be contaminated with asbestos (8). Columbia's talc is sourced domestically in Montana and is closely monitored for purity which is a powerful message about the integrity and safety of this brand. Other powders use corn starch as a drying agent which is a breading ground for bacteria (6). Conversely, talc is inert and doesn't promote bacterial growth.

Columbia has proven to the FDA that they are concerned about every grain that goes into their product.

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