Head Plastic Surgeon at Humber River Regional Hospital Warns Against “24 Hour Recovery” Breast Augmentation

August 6, 2013

Dr. Jerome Edelstein cautions patients seeking the misleading and potentially dangerous procedure.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

The Head of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Humber River Regional Hospital, Dr. Jerome Edelstein, warns patients seeking augmentation mammoplasty to avoid considering ‘24 Hour Recovery’ breast augmentation. The marketing term refers to the length of the recovery period following breast augmentation surgery, and it promises patients that they’ll be able to return to work and regular daily activities within a day, in a normal state of health that existed pre-operatively.

“When full recovery is promised within 24 hours of surgery, it can be extremely misleading because the patient believes they can return to their regular activities, including physically demanding things such as carrying heavy items and exercising. These activities, performed so quickly after surgery, increases the risk of complications exponentially, and puts the patient in the wrong frame of mind which can compromise an otherwise faster and safer recovery" states Dr. Jerome Edelstein.

Recovery is a common concern of plastic surgery patients, however no responsible surgeon can promise their patient full recovery within 24 hours of a surgical procedure, even if the patient is in excellent health and the surgery is performed flawlessly. Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure that involves not just the administration of anesthesia, but also incisions and the modification of internal tissues. It takes time for the body to heal from this extent of trauma, and promoting the idea that only 24 hours is required creates unrealistic expectations in the patient. This leads to disappointment and a sharp increase in the risk of complications, namely capsular contracture and shifting of the implant – both of which may require subsequent corrective surgery.

Instead of ‘24 Hour’, ‘Rapid Recovery’ is more accurate terminology.

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