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New Pain Diary App CatchMyPain Bears Hope for Chronic Pain Patients

August 14, 2013

ZURICH, August 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Problem: Chronic Pain

One out of five adults suffers from chronic pain and half of all patients have been
suffering for at least seven years (median). Patients usually go through an odyssey of
examinations and treatments while long term relief becomes a hope rather than an
expectation. The new pain diary app CatchMyPain [http://www.catchmypain.com ] promises to
put an end to this odyssey.

Solution: Learning from each other

CatchMyPain allows the tracking of chronic pain problems by using detailed and
colorful pain drawings among other instruments. The diary helps patients to explain their
pain problem and its course to care providers. However, the biggest benefit of CatchMyPain
lies in the creation of a global pain database which enables patients and care providers
to learn from similar patients:

Sophisticated algorithms identify clusters (groups) of similar patients based on the
anonymous pain diaries. E.g. one cluster might contain all back pain patients having a
burning and pulsating pain which appears at night but not during the day. The analysis of
such a cluster will allow conclusions about the most probable diagnoses and the most
promising treatments. Using this empiric information will increase the efficiency of
chronic pain treatment. Furthermore if someone finally finds a good solution for a
specific pain pattern, it can be propagated to all similar patients worldwide.

Besides gaining new insights about chronic pain, getting support from peers is very
important. Care providers might know the medical theory about chronic pain but only
patients know what it really means to live with chronic pain on a daily basis. Therefore
patients will soon be able to exchange best practices with each other.

Watch the Video

The typical pain odyssey and the vision behind CatchMyPain are best explained in the
short CatchMyPain product video [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-566jR-uF0A ] (also
available in German [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE3TcNSltx0 ]).

Roadmap and Availability

The pain diary functionality is already available for free and being used by many
patients worldwide. The clustering and community features will be released towards the end
of 2013. CatchMyPain can be downloaded as an app for the iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.
In addition it is accessible at http://www.CatchMyPain.com by using a desktop browser
(Safari and Chrome). The tablet and desktop versions have more features as of now (e.g.
pain graph, tracking influences, etc.), but the iPhone app will catch up soon. An Android
smartphone app is on its way. All apps are available in English, Spanish, German and

The Start-up behind CatchMyPain: Sanovation AG

The idea for CatchMyPain was born four years ago, when CEO and co-founder Daniel
Lawniczak struggled with his own chronic pain problem. In 2011 the start-up Sanovation AG
was founded in Zurich, Switzerland and develops CatchMyPain in the course of a research
project in cooperation with the University of Zurich. The project is funded by the Swiss
government and several foundations. A medical advisory board consisting of international
pain experts assures the medical relevance of the diary features and clustering results.
More care providers, insurances and other institutions are very welcome to join the fight
against chronic pain.


SOURCE CatchMyPain.com

Source: PR Newswire