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Dallas Anti-Aging Institute Announces Affordable Testosterone Replacement

August 15, 2013

A new all-inclusive testosterone replacement plan offers weekly treatments, all necessary lab analyses and unlimited doctor visits for one low monthly fee–now available exclusively at the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute.

DALLAS, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — For the many men today who suffer from the fatigue, decreased muscle mass, loss of sex drive, increased body fat, and other debilitating effects of low testosterone levels, the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute is now offering comprehensive testosterone replacement therapy for a flat-rate monthly fee. The $249 per-month package is the only one of its kind available in the Dallas metro region and includes weekly testosterone injections, initial and follow-up exams, all necessary laboratory work, and unlimited doctor visits.

“Due to age, illness and other factors, low testosterone levels in men, and even some women, are becoming all too common an affliction,” says Dr. Robert Newberry, Medical Director of the Anti-Aging Institute. “To address this growing health problem, we’ve developed a total approach to testosterone replacement that’s affordable, all-inclusive and readily accessible to everyone who lives in and around the Dallas area.”

Unlike clinics that charge patients a la carte for exams, lab tests and treatments that can quickly add up to exorbitant amounts, the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute has committed its resources and medical personnel to provide everything a patient needs to restore healthy testosterone levels and a vigorous quality of life, at a low monthly cost. “We believe our full range of testosterone replacement services, excellent medical care and very reasonable capped monthly fee is unmatched anywhere and sets a new standard in hormone therapy,” says Newberry.

Patients of the clinic are voicing agreement. One recipient of the testosterone treatments recently wrote: “I researched hormone replacement therapy for almost a year and during that time spent countless hours speaking with numerous individuals from various hormone clinics, each claiming they were the best and most cost-effective. But everyone of them failed to measure up to the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute.”

Proper diagnosis of testosterone deficiency is the critical first step in obtaining help. Men who suffer from a lack of energy, loss of sexual drive or function, periods of depression, decreased muscle mass, increased belly fat, and other symptoms of low testosterone are encouraged to arrange for a physical examination at the Dallas Anti-Aging Institute to determine whether they have this condition. This initial exam, all lab tests, weekly treatments, and follow-up exams are included in the monthly fee.

Those seeking further information or wishing to set up an appointment should call 214-265-8300, email info@hormonetherapydallas.com or visit hormonetherapydallas.com.

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