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Parallax Innovations unveils CT Sabre(TM), the only commercial robotic intervention device that operates inside a micro-CT bore.

August 27, 2013

LONDON, ON, Aug. 27, 2013 /CNW/ – The Parallax Innovations CT Sabre(TM) is a six-degree of freedom robotically-controlled micro-positioner for
pre-clinical biomedical research. Guided by either live fluoroscopic
x-ray feedback or retrospective 3D CT image reconstructions the CT
Sabre(TM) allows better than 200 µm positioning of a variety of user
selected tools. There is no need to reposition the animal between
acquisition and interventions. All functions can be performed inside
the micro-CT bore.

Parallax Innovations and the Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) will be demonstrating the CT Sabre(TM) in booth #312 at the World
Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Savannah, Georgia from September

“The CT Sabre(TM) has the potential to significantly impact biomedical
research,” says Del Archer, co-founder and co-owner of Parallax
Innovations. “Given that imaging of small animals now plays a key role
in interventional research, the addition of safe, effective
interventions is an invaluable combination that enables serial,
non-destructive testing of animals.”

Hardware for the device was developed by mechanical engineers at CIMTEC
with software developed by Parallax Innovations.

Its accuracy and repeatability is unparalleled:

        --  Targeting accuracy is 200 µm
        --  Repeatability is 50 µm

And, its impressive range of motion includes:

        --  185º in the roll plane, perpendicular to the x-ray beam
        --  57º in the pitch plane
        --  7.3 mm range for the needle, including various attachments
        --  x, y, z range is 10.6 mm, 12.1 mm and 25.0 mm respectively

“The CT Sabre(TM) has allowed us to perform experiments with a degree of
precision and accuracy we’ve never been able to achieve before”, says Dr. David Jaffray, Head of Radiation Physics, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre at
University Health Network. “The ability to localize
our measurement probes and target tumor sub-regions is invaluable. The
device is opening up new applications, allowing us to do things we
previously couldn’t do. The full potential of the CT Sabre(TM) has yet to
be explored, but we see it as an important tool in our lab.”

Visit www.parallax-innovations.com to see videos highlighting the capabilities of the CT Sabre(TM).

Parallax Innovations, Inc.

Parallax Innovations Inc. is a consulting, solutions, and products
provider focused on the preclinical imaging sector. It has 20+ years of
experience working with imaging companies including EVS, Amersham, GE
Healthcare, Gamma Medica and Trifoil Imaging.

For more information, visit www.parallax-innovations.com

Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC)

CIMTEC was created to facilitate the commercialization of world-leading
medical imaging technology.


To enable and accelerate commercialization of medical imaging
innovations ensuring that Canada’s investment in imaging technology
translates into economic growth and job creation.


To be the driving force in the advancement and growth of the Canadian
medical imaging technology sector, and to ultimately create better
health outcomes for Canadians and people around the world.


Support Researchers and Companies: Provide researchers and small to medium-sized imaging enterprises (SMEs)
with critical expertise, technical capabilities and infrastructure to
allow them to grow and create Canadian high-tech jobs and economic

Promote Commercialization: Cultivate new strategic partnerships and investments to enable research
investments to become commercial products thus increasing economic
growth and job creation.

Advanced Training: Create knowledge and skill advancement opportunities and produce
highly-qualified people with commercialization expertise.

Improving Human Health: Improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

For more information, visit www.cimtec-canada.ca

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