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Disappearing inc., Boston’s Premier Laser Tattoo Removal Studio Offers FREE Removal of Radiation Tattoos

August 30, 2013

BOSTON, Aug. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Disappearing inc., Boston’s premier laser tattoo removal studio, wants to help cancer survivors turn the page on their illness by removing their radiation tattoos for free. During radiation treatment, some cancer patients are given small tattoos to act as a bull’s-eye to target their therapy. This allows the therapist to be absolutely precise with their treatment. The dots are generally about the size of a freckle and up to six tattoo dots can be used.

Some people keep the dots as a badge of courage, while others wish to have them removed as they can be a painful reminder of their disease. A recent client who came to Disappearing inc. to remove her radiation tattoos explained her reasons for getting them removed. “One, they’re ugly. Two, I survived and I don’t need an ugly blue tattoo to tell me that.”

Rob Harris, owner of Disappearing inc. said they started the program to help those who have been through so much. “The radiation tattoos probably helped save their lives, but some survivors just want the memory of those bad times to be gone. At Disappearing inc. we are all about looking toward the future and if this makes a cancer survivor’s future better, then we are thrilled to be able to make that happen.”

In general, only those people with non-invasive cancers, that are unlikely to need further treatment, are candidates for removal. Participants will need a letter from their doctor before they can be treated. Those wishing to participate can call Disappearing inc. at 617-477-UNDO (8636).

Disappearing inc. opened in February 2013 and is Boston’s premier studio exclusively for laser tattoo removal and lightening. As tattoo removal is all they do, they understand that the reason people want their tattoo removed or lightened is as unique and personal as the reason they got it. Disappearing inc. uses only the state-of-the-art Quanta Q Plus C laser because it’s uniquely equipped with two separate lasers to remove all colors, especially the tough blues and greens. The studio is located at 128A Tremont Street, just steps from the Park Street T, and is a hip, tattoo-friendly place that helps people turn the page and start anew.

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