HospitalStandards.org Attended the India’s 67th Independence Day Fair

August 31, 2013

HospitalStandards.org raised awareness about the dangers of Medical Tourism in India. They were part of the India's Independence Day fair in Artesia, California.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2013

HospitalStandards.org setup up a booth at the India’s Independence day fair. The volunteers spoke to a lot of people at the fair about the dangers at hospitals in India.

To learn about dangers of medical tourism at hospitals in India, go to HospitalStandards.org.

Experience at the Fair:

Varun and other volunteers from HospitalStandards.org talked to a lot of people from different ages and backgrounds. Most people showed gratitude for creating awareness about the issue. They spoke at length to people from AliveMind. Sambhav from AliveMind.com looked at the hospital standards banner and said, "This takes a lot of courage to put it on a banner. Tell me your story.". AliveMind is a non-profit organization that helps driven and talented individuals. AliveMind is now a proud supporter of HospitalStandards.org.

Varun met up with many older people who were getting their medical treatments done in India. The issue that was cited most was the raising cost of healthcare in the US. As per Varun Tandon's opinion, hospitals in India are not as tech-savvy as most people might think. In Varun's view, hospitals in India are over-utilized, that puts a lot of pressure on the hospital staff. It is recommended to people without insurance in the US to speak to South Asian Network. They help people through the new “ObamaCare” guidelines.

Support the Petition

HospitalStandards.org volunteers came across a physician who had similar thoughts on the situation of hospital in India. She decided to support it by signing the petition on Change.org. HospitalStandards.org gathered approximately 50 more signatures for the petition. The petition is asking Fortis Healthcare to install a medicine allergy alert system in all of their hospital pharmacies. Varun Tandon shared his story about his mother, Darshana Tandon, who passed away on January 31st, 2013 due to severe allergic reaction from Penicillin. The petition is on Change.org. please sign: http://www.change.org/petitions/fortis-healthcare-install-medicine-allergy-alert-system-in-all-of-your-hospital-pharmacies

Share your experience:

HospitalStandards.org lets people share their experiences with Hospitals in India. HospitalStandards.org learns from those Indian Hospital Reviews and adds it to their site as a blog post.

Precautions to take at Hospitals in India:

Hospital Standards cautions people about getting a surgical treatment in India. On the website, there is a comprehensive list of Do's and Don'ts while someone is at a Hospital in India. The list of precautions is created from those shared experiences.

GOAL of Hospital Standards:

1. Create awareness of issues at Hospitals in India.

2. Create petitions asking Hospitals to make improvements.


Varun Tandon

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