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L.A. ENTs Offers the Route to Relief for Sinusitis and Allergy Sufferers

September 5, 2013

A cold that just won’t go away may not be a cold at all, says board-certified ENT Dr. Shervin Aminpour

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As an ear nose and throat doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Shervin Aminpour has treated innumerable patients suffering from what they think is just a stubborn cold. However, persistent nasal congestion, facial pain and headaches are often an indication of sinusitis. This complex condition affects approximately 37 million Americans every year, but Dr. Aminpour and his team of otolaryngologists at L.A. ENTs want to spread the news that sinusitis is a highly curable ailment. In fact, many of Dr. Aminpour’s patients say goodbye to sinusitis once and for all after one, virtually painless, in-office procedure.

This procedure, called balloon sinuplasty, is routinely performed by L.A. ENTs with outstanding results. Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative, newer form of treatment, and Dr. Aminpour has seen consistent results utilizing this technique. The straightforward procedure is minimally-invasive, and the patient is awake as the doctor inserts a balloon catheter through the patient’s nostrils and inflates it to clear a blocked sinus cavity. Although often compared to balloon angioplasty, balloon sinuplasty is much less invasive, and most patients only require a local anesthetic. Relief is almost instantaneous, and downtime is minimal.

Equally exciting is the fact that L.A. ENTs patients can undergo allergy testing to help rule out other conditions if sinusitis is not to blame. Patients who frequently suffer from sneezing fits, watery eyes, or runny noses may think there is no hope, when in fact they have a condition which can be easily managed. L.A. ENTs treats allergy patients with ear, nose and throat-related conditions with modern, innovative treatments that make the weekly injections many patients endure a thing of the past.

While many patients think that their allergy or sinus problems are just a part of life, Dr. Aminpour knows that these nuisances don’t need to be simply tolerated. Once treatment begins, L.A. ENTs patients aren’t only satisfied; many feel better than they have in years. Dr. Aminpour frequently reassures his patients that their ear, nose and throat concerns don’t have to follow them their whole life long.

If the thought of becoming subject to yet another bout of allergies or sinusitis seems less than appealing, make an appointment with L.A. ENTs today to address these persistent symptoms of sinus problems, sneezing, congestion and headaches. For patients who are selected as candidates for balloon sinuplasty, cost is usually covered by health insurance. Patients are encouraged to learn more about their specific condition on the L.A. ENTs website so they can be an active participant in choosing which treatment is right for their ailment. For those ready to kick-start the fall with vigor and energy, appointments at L.A. ENTs can be made by visiting www.laents.com or calling 800-401-9897. Don’t let yourself fall victim to another season of sinusitis or allergies!

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