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Astroglide Offers Ten Smart Tips for the Recently Divorced or Newly Single Who Want to Dive Into Online Dating

September 6, 2013

VISTA, Calif., Sept. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Going through a divorce or ending a long-term dating relationship can be rough. It leaves many people apprehensive about getting back into the dating world. Whether you decide to go with online dating, matchmaking, or hitting the clubs, the first and most important question to ask yourself is: Am I ready to start dating?

Ask yourself these questions:

    --  In general conversation, do I still refer to him/her as my husband/wife,
        boyfriend/girlfriend, rather than my "ex?"
    --  Can I discuss the end of my relationship with friends and family without
        breaking out in tears or falling into cursing fits of rage?
    --  Does the thought of kissing someone new fill me with dread or cause me
        to break out in a cold sweat?

If you answered YES, or even SOMETIMES to the questions above, then you might not be ready to begin dating just yet. Give yourself some time before opening up the next chapter in your life.

If you answered NO and you have at least an inkling of what you’re looking for in your next relationship, then by all means, jump into the dating pool. One way of dipping your toes in is through online dating. There are so many sites available, from the big names that are advertised on TV and radio right down to the niche sites especially made for your unique interests.

Astroglide presents ten tips for individuals who want to give online dating a try:

    1. Create a dating profile on one site first. For the Toe-Dippers, don't
       worry about putting anything more than a recent picture into your profile
       - just cruise around and visit profiles of people that interest you. It
       will help give you an idea of what you may want to write for your own
       profile. For the Pool-Divers, you may be inclined to set up a profile on
       several sites, but restrain yourself... try one at first and see what
       types of responses you gather. If, after a couple of weeks you don't find
       anyone interesting to chat with, then add another site or two. Just
       remember, the more that you are on any one dating site, the higher up in
       the dating queue you end up. If you barely visit a site, then your
       profile doesn't get seen as much.

    2. Write a profile that is enthusiastic and positive. Focus on your hobbies
       and likes and present your very best side. Avoid language or topics that
       mention your ex at all.

    3. Research before you date? There is a lot of personal information
       available online and you never know if your potential date could be a
       stalker. Be safe and start off with a dating alias and corresponding
       email. It should be obvious that it's dating alias, like "CutiePie" and
       cutiepie@somethingmail.com. Once you feel safe enough and have determined
       mutual interest and chemistry, go ahead and reveal your real name. Then
       use Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about each other and to
       spot common interests and any red flags.

    4. Leave out any details about past relationships that went sour. You don't
       want to seem to be someone that is disillusioned with the prospect of
       finding love.

    5. Don't over-share. Most dating sites simply ask: Single, Separated,
       Widowed or Divorced. There is no need to add, "newly" to any of those
       categories as some might consider this to be a reason to move on from
       your profile. If necessary, that can be discussed in one-on-one

    6. Request video chats.. You can't judge people by their own profile
       pictures. They might be a shot from 1999 or make liberal use of
       Photoshop. A quick video chat using FaceTime or Skype can help both sides
       see if there is a spark.

    7. Avoid controversial topics in your profile. There shouldn't be
       discussions of politics or money (especially how much money you make or
       expect a certain mate to make). Money is especially important to avoid -
       for men, you wouldn't want to think that your potential mate is a
       Gold-Digger and for women, you wouldn't want to be anyone's Sugar Mama,
       right? Those kinds of topics should be avoided for a long time.

    8. Don't copy other dating profiles. You want to make sure you appear as a
       genuine person who has lived an interesting life and does not simply
       follow the likes/interests of others. Many sites offer help (for a fee)
       where you can work with a counselor on putting together an eye-catching
       profile. And we're sure that you have friends that would be willing to
       help you put one together - just be sure to thank them with a meal or
       drinks. "Thanks" doesn't mean they need or should be privy to every
       potential date.
    9. Be clear about what you're looking for. Most dating sites have options
       that look like: new friends, casual dating, serious dating, looking for
       life mate. Be sure to check one of those options so that you can minimize
       getting hurt by someone looking for a fling or hurting someone else
       because you're not ready to be in a serious relationship.

Divorce or the end of a relationship does not mean you can’t jump back into the dating pool and enjoy spending time with the opposite sex. To learn why Astroglide should be included in your bedroom when casual dates become serious, visit www.astroglide.com. For more great tips on how to enjoy your time with someone special, visit Astroglide’s Twitter feed.

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