We Are All Contaminated By Man-made Chemicals
September 16, 2013

Biochemical Pollution From Man-Made Substances: The Ignored Epidemic?

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redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online

You have been physiologically and biochemically polluted by man-made chemicals, according to Dr. James Siow of Australia’s National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM). But don’t worry about it too much, you aren’t alone.

In research presented Sunday at the CleanUp 2013 scientific contamination conference in Melbourne, Dr. Siow said that virtually every person on Earth has been contaminated in much the same way. He also took international governments and healthcare professionals to task for their slow response to chronic health issues associated with low-level, unavoidable chemical pollution in our air, water and food.

“Scientists first sounded the alarm about the increase in contamination of our environment and ourselves in the 1980s,” he said in a statement. “Today there is a worldwide scientific consensus on the critical importance of global pollution, its effects on human health and on the necessity to make scientists, doctors and the public aware of the vital importance of prevention.”

“There is no doubt at all that pollution is now a global issue – and that nobody is spared, not even newborn babies,” Dr. Siow added. “One US study found 232 industrial chemicals and pollutants, including known carcinogens and complex mixtures, in the (umbilical) cord blood of newborns. This means that children are coming into the world already polluted with things that could kill them.”

According to the doctor, this contamination has been found to affect at least three generations of people. Toxins have created genetic damage to grandparents, and that pollution can go on to affect their grandchildren, he said – pointing at an increase in autism spectrum disorders as a possible result of the phenomenon.

“The problem is that we are still using many of these toxic substances,” Dr. Siow explained. “For example we have long known that mercury causes nerve and brain damage in young children – and it has been banned from dental use in Sweden for over a decade. However in Australia it is still being used.”

He emphasizes that officials throughout the world have known about some of the worst types of toxic substances (mercury, lead, PCBs, etc.) for several decades, but have thus far failed to act fully to eliminate people’s exposure to those substances by removing products such as cosmetics, food items, bedding, pesticides and household cleaning agents from store shelves – a move that he admits would be costly.

“Our slowness in responding to the scientific evidence is hard to explain,” he said, adding that the while the expense of pulling products from store shelves might be high, “the cost of exposing society to these things is higher still. Healthcare costs due to degenerative diseases are now crippling the US Obama Government. The economic losses from sickness caused by chronic chemical exposure are rising in all societies.”

Dr. Siow also advocates training doctors and healthcare workers to better diagnose the symptoms of chronic chemical poisoning. He said that practitioners and hospital workers are no longer taught to look for eco-toxic effects when evaluating patients, and that most medical courses fail to cover toxicology at all. As a result, the doctor claims that many of these issues are not being diagnosed, and as a result, health authorities are not recognizing the true scope of the problem.