Corporate Whistleblowers Center Now Offers Tips To High Value Whistleblowers On Not How To Blow Up Their Whistleblower Claim

September 19, 2013

The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "We believe there are thousands of US citizens sitting on a winning lotto ticket called a whilstleblower reward, but we fear many of them blow their chances at compensation, because they did not follow the rules. We are in the business of protecting whistleblowers, and they need to understand the protocols if they have a chance to get rewarded for their information." http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

(PRWEB) September 19, 2013

The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "We work very, very hard at trying to help all types of whistleblowers get what can be multi million dollar rewards, but sometimes whistleblowers can make huge mistakes that can eliminate any possibility of them getting rewarded for their information.

The classic example is the whistleblower confronts their boss, or bosses about the wrongdoing, and the whistleblower does not back down. In this instance frequently the whistleblower gets terminated, and is escorted out of the workplace." Why is this a problem? The group says, "Typically a whistleblower has their proof at their workplace on their computer, or in their office files. If the whistleblower gets escorted out of the workplace after being terminated, in most cases they just lost most of their proof, or access to their proof."

The Corporate Whistleblower Center is the only group in the nation that will advise a whistleblower on steps needed to protect themselves, and their information, they help a whistleblower package their information, and they will get a whistleblower to the premier whistleblower attorneys in the nation. No other group offers these services. For more information potential whistleblowers can contact the Corporate Whistleblower Center at 866-714-6466. http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

The other rules for a whistleblower suggested by the Corporate Whistleblower Center include:

  • Do not go to the government first, if you are a major whistleblower. The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "Major whistleblowers frequently go to the federal government thinking they will help. It's a huge mistake. Frequently government officials could care less, or they are incompetent."
  • Do not go to the news media with your whistleblower information. Public revelation of a whistleblower's information could destroy any prospect for a reward.
  • Whistleblowers should never try to blackmail a company because they possess information about substantial wronging involving Medicare fraud, or a company providing services to the federal government, that is involved in multi million dollar over billing. The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, "We hear from whistleblowers all the time, who initially tried to extort money from a company, because the company was over billing the government, and their extortion attempt failed. Typically the company fired the whistleblower on the spot, the company seized the whistleblowers proof, work computer, work files, etc. Unfortunately in these types of instances the whistleblower probably is up the creek with respect to whistleblower rewards. Two wrongs do not make a right." http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

Any type of insider or employee who possesses significant proof of their employer or a private contractor is fleecing the federal government out of millions of dollars is encouraged to contact to Corporate Whistleblower Center anytime at 866-714-6466. Potential whistleblowers can also contact the group via their website: http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

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