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World Leaders in Alternative Cancer Treatment Join Forces

September 23, 2013

CHULAVISTA , California, September 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Two of the world’s best known alternative cancer treatment specialists have joined
together to offer a combination of their treatments in an exciting new move.

Drs. Donato Perez and Ariel Perez are well respected in their own fields of
integrative cancer treatment; IPTLD and Functional Oncology respectively. Until now each
physician has worked independently of the other, leading their own team of cancer
specialists with remarkable results. However, in this exciting new development, the two
physicians have joined forces, to create a cancer treatment program with the potential to
achieve even higher success rates.

Functional Oncology is a unique 5 step program that helps to repair a patient’s health
on a cellular level, optimizing cellular health and boosting the immune system before
using natural therapies which weaken and destroy cancer cells. Lead by Dr. Ariel Perez,
the long term survival rate for Functional Oncology is at least double that of
conventional therapy for all types of cancer. The long term survival rate for Functional
Oncology patients with lung cancer is 29% compared to 3% for conventional treatment.

Whilst cancer is caused by a wide range of independent events, Westernized lifestyles
undoubtedly contribute to the increase in chronic disease. Aimed at eliminating the
potentially harmful toxicity levels within the cells that make it possible for cancer
cells to rapidly grow and weaken the immune system, the 5 step program not only helps
patients to beat cancer, but helps them to remain in remission.

IPTLD, or Insulin Potentiated Targeted Low Dose Chemotherapy is a program that has
been developed over the last 80 years, by Dr. Donato Perez, his father and grandfather
before him. There are currently 451 IPTLD certified practitioners worldwide, all of whom
have been trained and certified by Dr. Donato Perez himself. Whilst IPTLD is conducted all
over the world, Dr. Donato Perez is currently the only certified IPTLD practitioner in

The treatment uses insulin and natural medicine to help chemotherapy to target only
cancerous cells, whilst magnifying the effect of chemotherapy. Coupled with chemo
sensitivity tests to determine the types of drug that each individual’s cancer will react
to, IPTLD enables patients to experience the undeniable benefits of chemotherapy without
poisoning or damaging healthy cells. This practice dramatically reduces the side effects
and potentially fatal consequences of chemotherapy, whilst harnessing the cancer killing
power of the drug.

Based at Hospital Angeles Tijuana, and part of Angeles Health, Mexico’s largest
network of private hospitals, Drs. Donato Perez and Ariel Perez will offer patients
Functional Oncology, IPTLD or a combination of the two, after assessing each individual
patient for their physical condition and stage and type of cancer.

Both treatment programs include detoxification
[http://cancertreatmentmx.com/treatment-programs/detoxification ], nutrition
[http://cancertreatmentmx.com/treatment-programs/cellular-nutrition ] and immune support
[http://cancertreatmentmx.com/treatment-programs/immune-support ] phases but by combining
their cancer fighting skills Drs. Ariel Perez and Donato Perez believe that they will see
even more spectacular results.

It is beyond doubt that the partnership of these two pioneers of cancer treatment will
give patients every chance of survival. This unique collaborative approach could even
change the face of cancer treatment in the future, helping the world to beat cancer.

Angeles Health International

Angeles Health is Mexico’s largest private hospital network. The company is comprised
of 23 state-of-the-art hospitals totaling more than 2,000 beds and 200 operating rooms.
Five million patients are treated each year by 11,000 Angeles Health physicians.



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The functional oncology center, located at the Hospital Angeles Tijuana, is a
full-service, state-of-the-art hospital. It is widely recognized as one of the leading
hospitals in Baja California. It is the ideal ‘home’ for the Functional Oncology program,
the only full service hospital in Mexico offering integrative medicine.

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