Nexus Vitale Launches New Ritiro System, an Opiate Withdrawal Supplement, In Response to the Over Prescribing of Pain Killers

September 23, 2013

In response to the shift in opiate prescription practices, Nexus Vitale launches their new Ritiro system for opiate withdrawal. This system helps users of opiates and pain killers to minimize their withdrawal symptoms.

Provo, UT (PRWEB) September 23, 2013

Ritiro Total Withdrawal Support was formulated by a medical doctor to help people free themselves of opiate dependence. Each of the four products in the Ritiro system works to target specific withdrawal symptoms. The ingredients in each product were carefully selected based on scientific studies proving their effectiveness. When taken together, they are the most potent herbal supplement available for the relief of withdrawal symptoms. Nexus Vitale launched a brand new website to showcase the new Ritiro product line.

Up until the early 1980s’ opiate use was limited to the treatment of cancer pain, and acute pain (like a sprained ankle or broken bone). In 1986, Dr. Russell Portenoy, then at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, published an article advocating an expanded role for opiates in the treatment of chronic pain (chronic pain is ongoing pain that persists for weeks, months, even years, after the original injury).* This view came to be endorsed by the American Pain Foundation and the American Pain Society, with supporting statements published in 1996. Since then, opiates have become a staple in the practice of pain medicine.

Underlying the recommendation of opiates for the treatment of chronic pain was the belief that, at therapeutic levels, there was little risk of addiction. This has proven to be false – in fact the risk of addiction is measurable, and higher than expected. For example:

  • It is estimated that almost one million people in the United States are currently addicted to some type of opiate.**
  • A recent study by SAMHSA found a 111% increase in emergency room visits arising from non medical use of prescription opiates. This increase occurred over a 5 year period.***
  • According to the Director of the office of National Drug Control Policy, "The abuse of prescription drugs is our nation's fastest-growing drug problem."****

Based on the above statistics, addiction to opiate containing pain killers is a significant public health threat. Dr. Richard Rosenthal, a leader in the practice and development of modern pain management therapies, has “front line” experience of the destructive effect of continuous opiate use in certain cases

"As a physician who sees these patients on a daily basis I have seen the destructive consequences of opiate addiction. Properly used, opiates have a place in the management of pain, and we use them in our practice, but we have developed treatment protocols that enable us to manage their administration in order to minimize the risk of addiction. However, for those patients that come to us already with an addiction problem, that approach is inappropriate, and for these patients I wanted to develop a direct and effective intervention – a new protocol to help them manage and eliminate their addiction."

Dr. Rosenthal recently created Ritiro – a family of herbal products designed to help patients through the four most difficult steps of the physical and psychological process of opiate discontinuation.  

Said Dr. Rosenthal – “the products work to significantly reduce the severity of the “withdrawal experience”. For a patient who has determined to discontinue opiate use, these products are a life-saver. They will help you quit”

There are four different aspects to opiate withdrawal. Ritiro is sold as a system of four different products – each designed to treat one of these four withdrawal symptoms:

  • Ritiro Withdrawal Suppressor relieves the severity of muscle and joint aches that accompany withdrawal.
  • Ritiro Daytime promotes calm and reduces anxiety, both of which are experienced as part of the withdrawal process .
  • Ritiro Nighttime is a sleep aid, effective at reducing the insomnia typical of opiate withdrawal.
  • Ritiro Endorphin Starter provides an amino acid necessary for the body’s synthesis of endorphins. It is the absence of endorphins that results in the experience of withdrawal. As you restore your own ability to produce endorphins, the withdrawal symptoms fade and you begin to experience the joy of living again.

The Ritiro system is unique. There are no competing withdrawal systems – on the web, “over-the-counter” supplements, or prescription drugs – that address all the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Ritiro is a scientifically designed system that will help a motivated patient face and overcome the challenge of withdrawal.

Dr. Rosenthal is a board certified Addiction specialist, anesthesiologist and pain medicine physician. He has authored several book chapters and journal articles. He currently teaches a one-year course in pain medicine and is a section editor of the journal Practical Pain Management. He has 20 years experience as a pain management practitioner at his practice in Utah.

“My one objective with Ritiro is to provide the tools to confront withdrawal, and succeed. These products are effective, and it’s my hope that they will provide you with the confidence to confront the addiction and take the first step in reclaiming your life.”

For more information on Dr. Rosenthal’s new product, please visit http://www.nexusvitale.com.

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