Getting Help for Alcoholism is Easier than Ever Thanks to Drug Rehab Center Ormond Beach

September 27, 2013

Drug Rehab Center Ormond Beach is employing new treatment methods that are more effective at getting people sober.

Ormond Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Fighting a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Substance abuse is rampant all across the United States and a result, the addiction treatment counselors at Drug Rehab Ormond Beach decided to improve the way they treat patients who suffer from alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction is one of the toughest to combat because alcohol usage is so widespread in our society. Many people don’t see their drinking as a problem until something drastic happens. The prevalence of alcohol means that many patients leave rehab sober, but end up relapsing back into alcohol use and abuse.

That’s where the new treatment methods at Drug Rehab Ormond Beach come in. According to Walter W., helping someone overcome an addiction to alcohol means finding ways to fill the void that is usually filled by alcohol.

“Drinking is pretty common so we try to instill important life skills and values in every patient so they have the tools they need to succeed after leaving rehab,” Walter said. “We encourage people to try activities like yoga, meditation or physical fitness exercises to help take their mind of drinking.”

The though was that when people felt the urge to drink after leaving rehab, they could turn to something they learned in rehab to fill the void.

“Some successful patients go for a run when they feel the urge to drink, others focus on meditation until the urge passes,” Walter said. “Whatever works best for you is what we believe in.”

When it comes to helping patients recover from alcoholism, Drug Rehab Center Ormond Beach has a track record of success. Their new treatment methods are helping more and more people end a potentially deadly addiction to alcohol or any other drug than ever before. When it comes to beating addiction, putting yourself in the best situation to succeed is paramount. Drug Rehab Ormond Beach is a safe, secure and inviting atmosphere that allows someone to block out the stresses of the outside world and place 100% of their focus on getting clean.

About Drug Rehab Ormond Beach:

The drug treatment counselors at Drug Rehab Ormond Beach are standing by now to help anyone overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You don’t have to live another day letting substance abuse control your life thanks to the addiction professionals and medical specialists at Drug Rehab Ormond Beach. Call them today at (386) 267-4347 or visit them online at http://www.drugrehab-ormondbeach.com for more information about all the valuable services offered by a legitimate addiction treatment center.

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