Innovative Techniques at Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay Means More Patients are Getting Clean

September 27, 2013

Thanks to a rededicated focus on their treatment methods, Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay is helping a large number of drug abusers find sobriety.

Palm Bay, FL (PRWEB) September 27, 2013

Some might call addiction treatment an exact science, but it certainly involves at lot of trial and error. A fresh focus on addiction treatment has allowed Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay to help everyone who truly wants to get clean. Their innovative new treatments are allowing patients to find success where they previously failed. A renewed focus on preventing relapse is also ensuring that patients are staying clean after leaving the care of the specialists at Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay.

Bailey K., one of the specialists at Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay, explained how their new treatments differ greatly from traditional addiction treatments of the past.

“The thought used to be if you kept someone from doing drugs or drinking for an extended period of time then they would lose the urge to use,” Bailey said. “But there were plenty of people who walked out of rehab clean and sober only to wind up back in months, weeks or even days later.”

The high number of relapses caused the treatment experts at Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay to reevaluate their methods and update them for the modern world. By encouraging people to find their own unique path to recovery, the treatment therapists found that patients had a much lower chance of relapsing. When they felt the urge to use, engaging in an activity such as yoga or meditation took their mind of using long enough to kill the urge.

“We teach valuable life skills that allow someone the tools they need to say no to drugs and alcohol long after leaving rehab,” said Bailey. “It doesn’t take much to relapse, but many of the patients that have gone through our new procedure were able to stay clean in the long run.”

Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay has a history of providing excellent care and support to everyone that comes to them for help. When it comes to overcoming addiction, getting help from addiction therapists and medical professionals is the best way to approach it. You wouldn’t trust anything else to someone who wasn’t a pro at what they do, so why would substance abuse recovery be any different?

About Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay:

Drug Rehab Center Palm Bay is a place where anyone can beat an addiction to drugs and alcohol. The professional addiction counselors are on hand at all times to help someone take steps towards sobriety. Getting help from the experts is the best thing someone can do to turn their life around. Call (321) 473-7956 or visit http://www.drugrehab-palmbay.com.

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