Drug Rehab Center Irving Works to Help Alcoholics Stay Sober in Social Drinking Situations

September 28, 2013

Drug Rehab Center Irving emphasizes ways to stay sober while others around you drink alcohol in their new treatment programs.

Irving, TX (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

People have preconceived notions regarding addictions to drugs and how they affect addicts. Some people do not view alcohol as a drug, even though alcohol abuse can cause many of the same negative effects of other illegal drugs. Drinking socially is acceptable in many social circles, which makes identification of an alcohol addiction particularly tricky. This addiction is also hard to treat because alcohol is legal and appears in many situations that are unavoidable even to people who have completed a rehab program. Alcohol is served in most restaurants and available for purchase in almost every grocery, gas, and convenience store in the country. This is why Drug Rehab Center Irving has structured programs to include coping mechanisms patients can use in their outside lives.

The portrayal of alcohol in television, movies, popular songs, and other media outlets has glorified alcohol use and made it hard to identify when you or someone you know has developed a drinking problem. Beth D., an alcohol addiction treatment specialist working at Drug Rehab Center Irving, explains, “Many times, alcoholics cannot see that they have an addiction problem because they see others drinking and are unable to recognize that their drinking habits are different than others. If a person consumes alcohol regularly, or uses it to regulate their emotions or physical state, they are abusing alcohol and should seek help in overcoming their drinking problems.”

The dedicated and highly qualified addiction specialists at Drug Rehab Center Irving have made it their mission to bring awareness to the damage an alcohol addiction can cause, and to encourage anyone with a drinking problem to seek help with one of their alcohol treatment programs. Drug Rehab Center Irving emphasizes alcohol abuse and awareness with their new, comprehensive treatment programs. In addition to traditional treatment methods including therapy and counseling sessions, Drug Rehab Center Irving also offers a wide variety of activities such as yoga, exercise, meditation, art, and music. These types of activities not only aid in the sobriety process, but they provide patients with an opportunity to develop new hobbies and interests that do not involve consuming alcohol.

About Drug Rehab Center Irving:

Drug Rehab Center Irving is a treatment facility specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse. Certified addiction specialists can help anyone struggling with addiction. If you want to overcome your substance abuse issues, please seek help today by calling (972) 810-7426, or visit http://www.drugrehab-irving.com for more information.

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