September 28, 2013

Drug Rehab Center Staten Island Shifts Focus to Prescription Drug Recovery

The specialists at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island have designed their treatment methods to help someone overcome a prescription drug addiction.

Staten Island, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

Drug Rehab Center Staten Island is a state of the art addiction treatment center that recently renewed their practices when it comes to treating someone with a prescription drug dependence. In recent years, the number of patients who came to Drug Treatment Center Staten Island for a prescription drug addiction has risen sharply and as a result, the addiction counseling staff has devised new treatment methods that are far more effective. Prescription drug addiction is tough because most people view the pills as medicine, not harmful drugs. They don’t believe that pills prescribed by a doctor could possibly kill them if they are abused long term.

Madison K., a certified addiction therapist at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island, informs everyone who stops by how effective their new treatment methods really are.

“We’ve totally changed how we treat addiction and as a result, more and more people are walking out of rehab clean and sober,” Madison said. “We place an emphasis on someone finding a path to addiction recovery that works for them.”

Putting yourself in the right environment is key to a successful recovery. The specialists at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island work hard to establish an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and secure. Working with addiction professionals is the absolute best way to recover from substance abuse. Rather than spend another minute under the control of prescription pain medication, come to Drug Rehab Center Staten Island and turn your life around.

“We have the skills, experience and expertise to help people from all walks of life get sober,” Madison said. “We do everything possible to help people walk the path to sobriety. We actually specialize in people who have failed at getting clean in the past.”

Anyone who has tried to overcome substance abuse in the past knows how hard it can be. With help from the addiction treatment professionals at Drug Rehab Center Staten Island, anyone can turn their life around.

About Drug Rehab Center Staten Island:

Drug Rehab Center Staten Island is the best place someone can go if they want to end an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Nobody has to live another day under the power of drugs and alcohol when there is an addiction treatment center that can help you get clean. Call Drug Rehab Center Staten Island today at (347) 983-9772 or visit them online at for more information.

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