Drug Rehab Center Yonkers is a Leader in New Addiction Treatment Techniques

September 28, 2013

The addiction professionals at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers have a new method of addiction treatment that is far more effective at helping people reach sobriety.

Yonkers, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

The addiction specialists at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers are pleased to announce their new addiction treatment approach is helping more patients get clean than ever before. Thanks to a redesigned addiction treatment plan devised by the expert staff, patients at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers are finding new lives free from the depths of drug and alcohol addiction.

According to Natalie Y., a specialists at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers, the new approach to addiction treatment came about as a result of the number of people who left rehab clean and sober, only to return down the road after they had relapsed.

“Preventing a relapse became our biggest priority,” Natalie said. “We decided to help instill crucial life skills and valuable tools into every patient so that after they left rehab, they had the resolve and mental fortitude to say no to substance abuse.”

The results thus far have been remarkable. Drug Rehab Center Yonkers has seen a dramatic drop in the number of return patients and those still in rehab are finding success much more quickly and easily. The dropping relapse rates are a dramatic shift from treatment centers across the country and it has garnered Drug Rehab Center Yonkers praise from addiction experts across the country.

“We keep getting calls from other treatment centers asking for our secret,” Natalie said. “We tell them that the secret to addiction recovery is establishing a place where people can feel safe and secure as they take steps to improve their life.”

The addiction specialists are certainly doing just that, as every patient at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers is made to feel like they are part of a larger system of support where everyone is working towards the same goal of sobriety.

“We don’t turn sobriety into a competition or anything like that,” Natalie said. “Your recovery is something very personal to you. Only you understand the treatment path that will work best for you so we encourage everyone to be unique.”

People who have tried to quit in the past are encouraged to try the new methods at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers because they are unlike anything else around.

About Drug Rehab Center Yonkers:

Addiction recovery is possible when you get help from the professionals at Drug Rehab Center Yonkers. Whether you are addicted to alcohol or dangerous drugs like heroin or cocaine, Drug Rehab Center Yonkers employs knowledgeable addiction experts who can help anyone on the road to recovery. Everyone is encouraged to call (914) 618-5774 or visit them online at http://www.drugrehab-yonkers.com for more information.

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