New Programs at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr Treat Prescription Addiction

September 28, 2013

New programs have been created at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr in order to better help patients struggling with prescription drug abuse problems.

Bryn Mawr, OH (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

The struggles faced by those with prescription medication addictions are unique, which is why Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr has created treatment programs to specifically target patients who abuse prescription drugs. Taking these drugs as prescribed by a doctor is legal, but this does not make them any less addictive. Many people who abuse prescription pain medication obtained it legally and began using it to treat their legitimate medical issues in the beginning. This is why Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr has designed treatment programs to include various coping and pain management techniques patients can use in their outside lives.

Prolonged abuse of prescription medications can cause a significant amount of damage to a person’s health and overall well-being. This is why Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr has begun to promote prescription drug abuse with their new, comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Jessica R., a certified addiction specialist at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr, explains, “Prescription drug addicts often have been prescribed medication by a doctor for a legitimate medical illness. Treating the medical ailment that the medication was originally prescribed for is a significant part of what we do at our facility.”

The treatments at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr not only treat medical issues, they also help addicts overcome their physical and psychological dependencies to drugs. Jessica reveals, “It is impossible to develop a dependency or addiction to a drug you have never tried. This dependency is what needs to be treated during rehab. Even if a person’s medical issues are being treated without addicting medications, they still have physical and mental dependencies to a certain drug that must be dealt with.” For this reason, patients at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr take part in in counseling sessions, therapy groups, and other alternative therapy activities. Taking advantage of the treatments available at Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr affords prescription drug addicts the best chance at getting sober.

About Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr:

Drug Rehab Center Bryn Mawr is an addiction recovery and treatment facility specializing in drug and alcohol abuse. Certified addiction specialists can help anyone struggling with addiction. If you are struggling with substance abuse, please seek help today by calling (484) 388-4741, or visit http://www.drugrehab-brynmawr.com for more information.

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