Treatments at Drug Rehab Center Monroe Focus on Health and Wellness

September 28, 2013

Drug Rehab Center Monroe has introduced a variety of alternative forms of therapy to patients as a way to emphasize health along with sobriety.

Monroe, OH (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

Often, people believe that someone who has successfully completed a rehab program will have gained sobriety along with a healthy new lifestyle. Unfortunately, many patients who no longer turn to drugs or alcohol often pick up other unhealthy habits. Mary N., a certified addiction specialist at Drug Rehab Center Monroe, explains, “Many recovering addicts will replace their old unhealthy habits with newer ones. For example, someone with an alcohol problem will often begin drinking a large amount of soda or energy drinks to replace their alcohol consumption, or will eat a lot of junk food instead.” Because of this, Drug Rehab Center Monroe now offers several alternative therapies to patients that can help curb the creation of unhealthy habits while at rehab.

Nutritional programs are now available at Drug Rehab Center Monroe, especially for patients who abuse drugs or alcohol to manage physical pain. Mary explains the effect a new diet can have on a patient, “A poor diet can sometimes contribute to medical issues, which is why when someone has an addiction to prescription medication, we work with them to develop a nutrition plan in addition to therapeutic and coping mechanisms to help them manage their pain or illness naturally.”

Many physical activities can be used to achieve relaxation and mental clarity while exercising. Yoga, for example, can aid in the process of becoming sober and be continued outside of rehab to help a recovering addict stay away from drugs and alcohol while staying fit and healthy. Patients at Drug Rehab Center Monroe are also invited to take part in other forms of exercise. Meditation and acupuncture are also offered, and can be continually utilized by patients even after they have left treatment. These therapeutic hobbies are fun, relaxing, and healthy alternatives to things like drugs, alcohol, and junk food. If you or a loved one would like to overcome an addiction and begin a newer, healthier lifestyle, Drug Rehab Center Monroe encourages you to check out their various treatment options as soon as possible.

About Drug Rehab Center Monroe:

Drug Rehab Center Monroe is a treatment facility specializing in drug and alcohol abuse. Certified addiction specialists can help anyone struggling with addiction. If you are battling a substance abuse problem, please seek help today by calling (513) 360-6977, or visit http://www.drugrehab-monroe.com for more information.

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