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Life Solutions Releases Jack Alan Levine Overcoming Addiction Online Video Program

October 2, 2013

SUNRISE, Fla., Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Life Solution Seminars, LLC announced the launch of the “Free For Life at Last” Overcoming Addiction online video program, featuring nationally known author, speaker and addiction expert Jack Alan Levine. This 13-part online video series is designed for addicts and their families to give them the tools, information and guidance necessary to take immediate steps to overcoming any addiction issue, including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, pornography, shopping, internet and work. “Free For Life At Last” helps addicts understand why they are addicted, what immediate steps they can take towards recovery and gives family members life changing advice on how to deal with their loved one’s addictions.

Jack Alan Levine has led conferences and spoken extensively on overcoming addiction. He speaks regularly at Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conferences in Florida, providing life-changing solutions to the challenging issues of addiction. He has worked with rehab centers, counselors, therapists, medical professionals and self-help groups.

“Free For Life At Last” consists of four modules, featuring over 9 1/2 hours of online videos. The first module is Jack’s personal story, his experience and victory over addiction, and how he and his wife endured their sons strug gles with alcohol and drug addiction. The second module, “The Mind of the Addict,” explains how and why addicts think and behave like they do. The third module, “The Addicts Effect on the Family,” explains how the addict’s behavior affects the family and what family members can and should do about it. The fourth module, “The Paths to Recovery,” outlines all the different paths to recovery and ranks them in order of effectiveness.

Levine commented, “I have no motivation to recommend one path of recovery over another. I am not affiliated with any specific doctors, recovery centers or groups, so my opinion is based solely on the well being of the people who watch my program. I bring over 40 years firsthand experience dealing with addiction, as an addict, as the parent of an addict and as advisor to thousands of addicts and their families.”

Former Burger King Marketing Director Willie Romeo said, “Jack’s impact on our team was significant and immediate. The passion he brings persuades people to react and change immediately. Great results.”

Levine added, “The actual acting out of the addiction is just a symptom. The underlying cause of addiction must be addressed and is addressed in this video series. Therefore, regardless of what addiction you or your family member are suffering from, this program will give you the keys to becoming free from addiction for life.”

Levine’s new book My Addict, Your Addict, due for release in January 2014, deals extensively with his battle and victory over drug addiction, and his first hand experiences as the parent of a drug addict. Levine will begin a national book tour in 2014 featuring the book and his Free for Life at Last online video program. Info is available at GetFreeForLifeNow.com

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