Bed Bugs Scourge Apartments in Bangor PA, My Cleaning Products Recommends a Pesticide-Exempt a Product to Kill Bed Bugs Without the Help of Harsh Chemicals

October 2, 2013

Bed bugs reportedly infested five Bangor rental units. My Cleaning Products, to help the residents, then suggested a product that could kill bed bugs without the use of chemicals.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Bed bugs have been an ongoing major problem in a borough in Pennsylvania. A report from lehighvalleyhigh.com dated September 29, 2013 stated that they were plaguing several rental units in the said district. And wanting to help its residents, My Cleaning Products suggested a bed bug spray considered as pesticide-exempt to kill bed bugs without having to worry about the harmful effects of harsh chemicals.

Based on the report, My Cleaning Products determined that the affected borough was Bangor. And as it detailed, there were particularly five rentals units in the said area that were confirmed infested by the vampire-like crawlies.

As said in the report, the five units were located in three different Bangor properties, MCP related. It elaborated that the two of those apartments are at a property at the 97 N. Main St. The other two places are at 13-15 S. Main St. and the last one is at 2 S. Main St.

Moreover, MCP shared that Bangor Zoning Officer Rick Fisher said in the report that they were doing everything they can to clear critters. Besides that, he also suggested that cooperation between landlords and tenants are needed, it added.

Here is a part of the post Bed Bugs Plague Bangor Rental Units by My Cleaning Products.

“Bed bugs have been feasting in Pennsylvania's Bangor rental units. And that was confirmed by Bangor Zoning Officer Rick Fisher.

The vampire-like critters have infested a total of five apartment units in three properties. Of that five units, two are at a property at the 97 N. Main St, another two are located at 13-15 S. Main St. and the last one is at 2 S. Main St.”

While it's true that apartments are very susceptible to bed bug presence, My Cleaning Products said that those pests could infest any place. So, it warned everyone to take measures to prevent their infestation.

Besides that, it also advised the public to always be ready to kill bed bugs effectively. And as it reasoned, that's because those pests are sneaky. It explained that they are very good hitchhikers that they could get inside a place without being noticed.

To be prepared for a bed bug treatment, MCP said that one basically needs a bed bug spray. Nonetheless, it pointed out that just any product will not work in the treatment. It stressed that apart from effective, it must also be safe to protect people's health.

Considering that Bed Bug Bully is pesticide-exempt, it asserted that it is the best to use in the elimination process. It cited that it could kill bed bugs, their eggs and nymphs as well, effectively as proven by hotels, hospitals and pest-control companies. And with its organic ingredients, it pointed out that it poses no risks to anyone's health.

So, with those benefits, MCP declared that Bed Bug Bully is truly the best for a bed bug treatment. And to experience them for real, it urged everyone to try the Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Sample available at MyCleaningProducts.com.

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