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Cardiome Announces Publication of Positive Data from an Observational, Retrospective Study of BRINAVESS

October 7, 2013


VANCOUVER, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Cardiome Pharma Corp. (NASDAQ: CRME /
TSX: COM) today announced publication of positive data from an
observational, retrospective study performed at the Skane University
Hospital in Malmö, Sweden. The study included 251 recent-onset atrial
fibrillation (AF) patients who received 355 BRINAVESS(TM) treatments
during the period between January 15, 2011 and April 15, 2013. During
the observation period, 70% of the AF patients treated with BRINAVESS
converted with a median time of 11 minutes. Conversion efficacy was 76%
in patients with AF duration <10 hours. The median time spent in the ER
for patients who converted on BRINAVESS was 6.5 hours. These results
are published in the October 2013 issue of The European Journal of
Cardiovascular Medicine.

“It is exciting to see that patients treated in the clinically critical
first 48 hours after AF onset appear to continue to derive
better-than-expected benefit from BRINAVESS and that they also prefer
this therapy over DC cardioversion,” stated William Hunter, M.D., Chief
Executive Officer of Cardiome Pharma Corp. “The high conversion
efficacy coupled with short hospital stay we believe makes BRINAVESS a
practical option for physicians and patients who value rapid relief
from AF.”

“Skane University Hospital developed a “fast-track” AF program in the
emergency room where patients with short duration AF were promptly
treated with BRINAVESS, which likely contributed to the higher efficacy
seen in this setting compared to the ACT and AVRO clinical trials,”
stated Dr. Steen Juul-Möller, the study’s Principal Investigator and
Cardiome’s Medical Director. “The finding that 75% of successfully
treated BRINAVESS patients remained in normal sinus rhythm after a one
year follow-up period – was an extremely interesting and important
finding that requires further investigation,” added Dr. Juul-Möller.

Patients with recent-onset AF and whom cardioversion was considered were
evaluated for BRINAVESS treatment. Over the period of the study, 251
patients received 355 treatments. In all patients, 70% of BRINAVESS
treatments were successful and 70% of the patients responded at least
once with conversion to sinus rhythm. The conversion rate was higher at
76% among patients with AF duration <10 hours compared to 66% in those
with AF >10 hours (P<0.05). Transient bradycardia and hypotension were
seen in 5 patients (1.4%) occurring within minutes after conversion and
were judged as a response to the change in heart rhythm. No ventricular
tachyarrhythmias, including Torsade-des-Pointes were seen.(1)

Those patients who did not respond to BRINAVESS treatment were
subsequently treated with DC cardioversion. All patients who had
experienced both BRINAVESS and DC cardioversion were given a
questionnaire to assess cardioversion preference and were followed up
for a maximum period of 27 months (BRINAVESS [n = 156]; DC
cardioversion [n=91]). Among those who converted with BRINAVESS, 72%
would prefer this treatment, in patients who did not convert with
BRINAVESS, 61% said they would prefer DC cardioversion if they
experienced a relapse (P<0.001). Furthermore, among BRINAVESS
responders, 78% were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment.
In the follow up portion of the study, after 12 months, 75% of
BRINAVESS responders were still in sinus rhythm, compared to 45% of
patients that required DC cardioversion (P<0.001).


      1. Juul-Möller, S. Vernakalant in recently developed Atrial
         Fibrillation: How to translate pharmacological trials into
         clinical practice. European Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine.
         Vol. 2, Issue 4. Published online October 4, 2013.

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