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An Age-Old Remedy for Stress and Tension Gets a Modern Twist

October 15, 2013

DENVER, Oct. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A little stress is good when it keeps us on our toes in this fast-paced, competitive world. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can trigger a downward spiral. Too much stress and tension can cause depression and emotional overeating, which in turn can make someone even more depressed. How can mind and body be put back in balance?

Numerous simple measures can help. One can learn the art of breathing deeply, whether through mild meditation or yoga. Turning off the television and refraining from social networking are both helpful, as is engaging in a sport or activity that involves vigorous exercise. Jotting one’s thoughts down in a journal and writing about the source of stress may help relieve it. Engaging in a new hobby or adventure can work miracles, as can treating oneself to a scented bath, sauna or other personal reward. What one eats makes a difference, so it’s advisable to cut out the junk and eat healthy foods that produce the mood-improving tryptophan. Get a pet, if possible, for companionship and unconditional love.

Another key to reducing anxiety and improving sleep is massage. Now a new technology is making massage an entirely new experience. SolaJet(®)–a “dry massage” system that combines massage therapy and heat therapy with flushing wave therapy, a therapeutic wave of water that delivers a full-body sweeping massage effect for circulatory and lymphatic stimulation–is versatile, easy to use, and ideal for home use as well for rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, spas and health clubs. Its 21st-century, high-tech features transform standard massage into a more rewarding and effective experience.

Thanks to Drywave Technologies USA, Inc., the company that created SolaJet, one can have an invigorating “dry wave” massage completely clothed. Lie on the SolaJet surface and soothing streams of warm water play all along one’s body. Users remain safely separated from the water by a flexible barrier that allows them to enjoy the warmth and pleasure of a relaxing deep-tissue massage without having to get undressed.

For more on this exciting new massage system, visit http://solajet.com/.


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