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Christian Minister Warns of Evil Influences

October 29, 2013

Using personal and ministerial experience, Dr. Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo affirms that at least 30% of those affected by cancer in some US states may possibly be cured without conventional medicine.

ADELPHI, M.D., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo, a spiritual leader from Africa, residing in the United States, warns Americans about what he calls “fake cancer,” illnesses and disorders that have their origin in the spiritual realm. Based on his investigations and own experience, Dr. Happy-Ikenwilo affirms that the United States, with its lack of understanding and often outright denial of spiritual and supernatural forces, is a land under attack from evils that create a society fraught with illness, pain and tragedy.

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“The illness I call ‘Fake Cancer’ in the same vein as some homicidal outbreaks are also demonically influenced. When I say ‘Fake Cancer,’ I simply mean that some cases are the result of a spiritual manipulation.” – Dr Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo Michael Israel

Dr. Happy-Ikenwilo offers guidance and experience that will show others how to overcome the evil spiritual forces that are destroying the US and leaving broken spirits in their wake. As he begins his ministry in the United States, he brings his personal experience with spiritual battles and encounters on his life, to show America how to battle the forces and recover from those demonically rooted sicknesses, mainly from cancer.

“It is an unbearable and frightful experience seeing people being possessed or plagued with ‘Fake Cancer,’ no one deserves the weight of pain, frustration and suffering that marks the path of those affected. My mission and goal is to share this knowledge, help see as many people as possible healed and delivered. I can demonstrate this fact without reasonable doubt on 30% of those diagnosed in Hamlet, NC.” – Dr Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo Michael Israel

Dr. Raphael Happy-Ikenwilo heads a healing and deliverance ministry based in Africa and has been dealing with such types of illnesses for the last 20 years. Residing in the USA on Divine instructions, he found after a year of investigations, that at least 30% of cancers in some states, in particular, the State of North Carolina, can be termed “FAKE CANCER,” and that, “some of those affected can be cured without conventional medicine.” Therefore, his project is to set up a “Spiritual Help Center” open to all for spiritual evaluation and direction to an appropriate treatment center.

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